Wise Kracks Ep. 17 (w/ Famous Golf Caddie Cayce Kerr)

Jon Orlando and Bill are back for more Wise Kracks action. They kick it off in fine style, talking about the contentious US election, and all the betting market money still on the table.

NFL Playoffs Around the Corner

Jon teases the NFL playoffs, Krack talks late-season weather changes, and Jon asks him if and how his betting patterns change, as the season progresses. Bill reveals it’s the early season when he has a sharper edge over the originating bookmaker when he bets heavier.

Last Week’s Bets

Jon unloads on Bill about his huge weekend where he crushed nearly all his picks across the board, in UFC and NFL, but somehow didn’t end up making any money. The moral of his story is parlays really hurt! Bill reminds Jon O that “fun is the money in your pocket”.

If you need extra help with your parlays we have a great parlay calculator tool handy.

Jon fills us in about a bettor at the Venitian, who wagered $4000 on a crazy seventeen parlay and cashed in for $460,000!

The guys look back at Week 9 in the NFL, and Drew Brees and the Saints “cigar game” routing of Tom Brady and the Bucs.

The Masters & Cayce Kerr

Jon asks Krack how he’s managed to rack up a 64 & 37 win rate betting on the US Masters golf tournament, and Bill keys us in how to make sharp bets on eighteen holes.

Krack Man and Jon sit down with legendary PGA caddy, Cayce Kerr, coming to us live from Augusta, Georgia, as he preps for the Masters.

Cayce drops some pro insights on the tournament, betting tips, and what makes a great caddy.

Bill thanks Cayce for all his great longshot picks over the years. Jon asks Cayce how he gets a player back on track after a bad round.

This is not Cayce’s first time on Wise Kracks. Check out the first episode with Cayce Kerr talking golf betting tips.

Best NFL Bets Week 10 – Jon’s Picks

Jon shares his bets for Week 10 in the NFL and discusses the pros and cons of Jon’s picks.

Jon reads Krack a couple of great Twitter questions, and Krack Man shares when he likes to get his money down on games, and how he got into sports betting in the first place.

The guys wind down for the week, after another great show, and leave us eagerly waiting for another round of Wise Kracks. Don’t miss another episode ever again, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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