NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals, MLB MVP & Twitter Questions (Wise Kracks Ep. 50)

After several weeks recording Wise Kracks on the road, Bill Krackomberger is finally home in Las Vegas, Nevada for episode 50 with co-host Jon Orlando.

Bill is back in Vegas mode, filling us in on all his plans to hit up his favorite restaurants now he’s back in town and the tricks to getting a last-minute table.

And, it’s his birthday week to boot. He also gives us a round-up on all his east coast gambling, including an incredible cashback offer that had all the sharp money come out in Atlantic City.

Spoiler: it didn’t go great for Bill. But the video poker machines were running hot for some of the teams in town to take advantage of the cashback.

Picking MVPs in MLB

Baseball season is well and truly heating up and the Wise Kracks guys couldn’t be happier.

Shohei Ohtani has been ripping it up for the LA Angels, and Bill bet on him for MVP at the start of the season at 31/1.

Even better for all his die-hard followers, Bill published the bet on his Krack Wins betting channel too so anyone who subscribes could get in on the action. Krack is all about spreading the love. The guys also discuss theories for when big players suddenly go out of form.

The Latest Updates to

Jon goes to, and he’s thrilled to find a comprehensive guide to his beloved MMA. The interactive infographic explains weight categories, fighting styles, title history, and much more.

With Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to get up to speed with UFC. Bill’s been on the site too, checking out all the latest bonus offers you can claim exclusively with WSN links.

NBA Playoffs Draw to a Close and the Stanley Cup Final

Jon’s Phoenix Suns are inching closer to securing an NBA Championship after winning their conference title, and the guys discuss how they see the season panning out.

Bill explains why NBA side bets are some of the hardest to consistently win at, and how injuries throw yet another wrench into your betting strategy.

We check in on the Stanley Cup, starting with the crazy stat that no Canadian team has won it since 1993. Could this be the year?

The Montreal Canadiens are certainly flying high after turning over the Vegas Golden Knights, but it’s been a slow start in the final.

Answering Your Twitter Questions

Between the Wise Kracks podcast and the Krack Wins app, we’re happy to say that quite a community has built up around Bill and Jon.

On this week’s episode we throw open the doors to the listeners and the guys spend some time answering your questions. We’ve got questions on the best software for live betting, Krack’s most profitable 24-hour hot streak ever, and the top tips to go from a casual to a sharp better.

Bill also explains the difference between runners and proxy bettors in Vegas, and the moment that back in the day that he realized he could make a living out of betting.

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Bill Krackomberger

Expert on Top Picks

Billy “Krackman” Krackomberger has made his living as a professional sports gambler for nearly three decades. You have seen him on ESPN, Gaming Today, and SiriusXM. His connections in the sports gambling industry run all the way to the top. His bets move the lines and regularly have him banned from books for being too sharp. Email: [email protected]