Bill’s NCAAB Tips, Plus His Battle With the Books

This week on Wise Kracks Bill and Jon tackle a long list of current events including college basketball betting, absolutely awful NFL referees, predictions for the potential McGregor vs. Chandler match and a few tips for props specialists straight from the Krackman himself.

In other news, the World Series of Poker is happening in Las Vegas right now and Jon found his way into the $10,000 Main Event. We don’t want to give away the ending so watch the episode for the full story. Spoiler: It involves Phil Hellmuth (check out when Phil was a guest on Wise Kracks!) making a grand entrance as Gandalf, complete with a hobbit entourage.

Guide to 2021 NCAAB Betting

Today Bill takes us to school on how to win more betting on college basketball. With so many teams and so little information available to bookmakers, you can find high-value lines if you know where to look.

Just think, 130 FBS college football teams compared to 351 Division 1 college basketball teams. That’s an average of over 175 games on any given week. Meaning with 351 teams, how much time can a book spend setting the Fairfield vs Marist line on a Tuesday night.

Bill goes into detail on when you should be buying points on the spread and when it’s best to bet the moneyline. Krack also explains how to make sure your book is charging the right amount juice and not adding an extra 5-10 cents.

If you bet on college basketball already, you may find some nuggets of wisdom. If you don’t, you’ll probably want to start after listening to Krack’s tips.

Horrible NFL Refs & Mid-Season Scrambles

There’s a lot to talk about this week in the NFL, and it has big consequences in terms of betting.

Did Tony Corrente try to bump Bears’ Cassius Marsh? Did the call change the outcome of the game? Will Tony C get fined, or worse fired? The league will make a statement in the coming days on the matter. The world of social media is running wild while we wait.

The theatrical world that is Odell Beckham Jr. continues in his new role as a free agent. It’s the first time in his career as a FA and we’re wondering if any team is willing to wager on the drama that comes with a player like OBJ? The Packers are his top pick, Seattle has strong interest and Kansas City is scrambling to find their high-octane offense again as Josh Gordon somehow didn’t work out for them (Does Josh Gordon ever work out?).

Speaking of Packers, Aaron Rogers was fined $15,000 for his COVID deceit, a laughable number considering Rogers’ four-year, $134 million contract.

Last week square bettors took a beating. Underdogs covered in 9 of 12 games played and seven of those won outright.

Why You Shouldn’t Only Bet Props

A lot of people love specializing in prop bets but the truth is, sportsbooks don’t appreciate that style of betting and it can sometimes get you in hot water with the books.

Bill explains how to mix up your betting by taking square NFL lines that won’t win or lose you any money over the long run, but will help you blend in and not stand out as a props specialist.

Krack has learned this firsthand through years of betting so make sure to listen up and cash in on his experience.

Jon Calls KO in McGregor Vs. Chandler

Jon Orlando’s unflinching belief in Conor McGregor has landed him in trouble before. In case you forgot, he once had to dress up in a diaper in public in Las Vegas after losing a bet on The Notorious.

With news coming out about a fight between McGregor and Michael Chandler, Jon was quick to take a side when Bill prodded him for predictions.

Jon is calling the fight for McGregor by KO in the first round. We’d love to see it but we might actually prefer seeing Jon lose another big bet on the Irishman.

Wise Kracks Next Week!

Make sure to subscribe to WSN on YouTube and ring the bell to be notified of next week’s episode. With almost every pro sport in full swing, we’re excited to explore the best betting opportunities.

Unfortunately, today’s guest poker pro Maria Ho was unable to make it due to internet problems from her hotel in Las Vegas. Maria is playing in the WSOP Main Event and will come back sometime in the next few weeks to give us an insider recap on the event. In the meantime you can catch her playing and providing commentary on the WSOP on PokerGO.

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