DraftKings and Pepsi Partner to Create NFL Prediction Challenge

Sports betting giant, DraftKings has partnered with Pepsi to create a live NFL prediction challenge game that will be available every weekend throughout the remainder of the regular season.

The challenge will allow fans to predict the outcomes of the game before they take place for a unique experience that will rival proposition betting found at most sportsbooks.

Each Sunday, players who have pre-registered will be able to answer eight multiple-choice questions about that day’s NFL contests. Each right answer earns points for a chance at $5,000 in weekly winnings.

As the season progresses, players will accumulate points and compete for a season-long championship with the winner getting tickets to the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami.

“The Pepsi brand and its longstanding synergy with pro football hardly needs an introduction, making this partnership such a special opportunity for DraftKings to team up with an organization that genuinely shares our passion for the game,” said Ezra Kucharz, chief business officer at DraftKings.

“Our player community cannot get enough football and collaborating to launch the Pepsi Live Prediction Challenge on DraftKings helps to both satiate this ever-growing demand and further stoke fans’ competitive flames through new innovation.”

Source: about.draftkings.com

What Are Some of the Features of the Challenge?

The weekly pop-quiz will begin with a “Pepsi Zero Sugar” question of the week worth double the points for the players.

All other answers will be worth one point per correct response and offer the player a shot at a share of the weekly max $5,000 total.

Points will continue to accrue throughout the year as long as the player continues to play via the DraftKings app.

Each question on the DraftKings app will have three responses to choose from for the individual. Once all eight questions are answered, then the player can submit their choices into the contest.

If the player has second thoughts about a choice they made, then they can go back into the app and change the answer as long as they do it before the Sunday slate of NFL games begins.

Players will only have to answer questions about Sunday contests as Monday and Thursday games will not factor into the challenge each week.

Until the games are over and the prizes have been awarded, the app will go into lockdown before becoming available for the following week’s games.

The Pepsi Live Prediction Challenge is available to customers on both mobile and web platforms as the contest can be accessed via the DraftKings daily fantasy app and sportsbook websites.

What Type of Questions Will the Challenge Ask Players?

The questions posed on the Challenge app will be similar to the proposition bets that bettors see for NFL games each week.

For example, the Challenge may ask players to choose how many interceptions a quarterback will have during their game, offering three choices such as zero, one or more than one.

The questions can become more in-depth as the Challenge continues as the game will ask individuals to consider such questions as how many yards a defense will allow in their game or how many touchdowns a running back will score.

Extensive knowledge of NFL statistics and matchups are beneficial to the DraftKings and Pepsi contest and certainly provide players with an advantage when seeking the weekly and grand prizes.

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