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First Round NFL Mock Draft 2020

Written by: Mike Lukas
Updated October 14, 2022
13 min read

In the two weeks that the NFL season has been underway (it started officially on March 18), many of the league’s thirty-two teams have used free agency to solve some of their biggest positional needs, and now it’s up to their draft picks to fill in the remaining empty roster holes.

The draft is still set to take place from Thursday, April 23 through Saturday, April 25 despite the ongoing pandemic forcing the NFL to make drastic changes in how the draft will be presented, namely now it will take place in an empty studio instead of in front of a live audience, with minimal to zero grouping of players or production crew the overriding goal.

Take a look at the latest policies imposed by the NFL.

The drafting order will most likely change before and during the actual event – it’s not uncommon for desperate teams to trade up for better players and content teams to trade back for maximum return – but it’s still fun to make a guess at how the actual outcome will unfurl, so we give you our 2020 first-round mock draft.

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  1. Cincinnati Bengals
  2. Washington Redskins
  3. Detroit Lions
  4. New York Giants
  5. Miami Dolphins
  6. Los Angeles Chargers
  7. Carolina Panthers
  8. Arizona Cardinals
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars
  10. Cleveland Browns
  11. New York Jets
  12. Las Vegas Raiders
  13. San Francisco 49ers (from IND)
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  15. Denver Broncos
  16. Atlanta Falcons
  17. Dallas Cowboys
  18. Miami Dolphins (from PIT)
  19. Las Vegas Raiders (From CHI)
  20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from LAR)
  21. Philadelphia Eagles
  22. Minnesota Vikings (from BUF)
  23. New England Patriots
  24. New Orleans Saints
  25. Minnesota Vikings
  26. Miami Dolphins (from HOU)
  27. Seattle Seahawks
  28. Baltimore Ravens
  29. Tennessee Titans
  30. Green Bay Packers
  31. San Francisco 49ers
  32. Kansas City Chiefs

1. Cincinnati Bengals (2-14)

Bengals Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 26th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 29th
2020 Biggest Needs QB, OL, LB, TE, WR
Projected First Round Pick Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

Analysis: Nothing is set in stone here, of course, but this pick seems to be a total given – the best quarterback in the draft, Joe Burrow, going to a team that desperately needs a quarterback, the leaderless Cincinnati Bengals, is sort of a no brainer.

After nine seasons of failing to make a big splash in the playoffs, the Bengals have finally moved on from former franchise quarterback Andy Dalton and could use and arm and football IQ like the young Burrow possesses.

True, Burrow could take a pass on the opportunity, but that doesn’t seem likely or wise.

2. Washington Redskins

Redskins Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 31st
2019 Total Defense Ranked 27th
2020 Biggest Needs OL, TE, WR, CB, edge rusher
Projected First Round Pick Chase Young, EDGE rusher, Ohio State

Analysis: Many experts have argued that OSU defensive end Chase Young is the best athlete in the 2020 drafting class, so even though the Washington Redskins have other greater needs, it would be foolish for them to pass on a rare talent like Young.

Only five teams had a less productive defense than the Redskins did last season, so a playmaker like Young would be a welcome addition to their quarterback attack which would help the team’s second-year quarterback (and also a former Buckeye) Dwayne Haskins see more time on the field.

Young had 26.5 sacks in his last two seasons playing for Ohio State, plus 7 forced tackles and 80 total tackles in that same amount of time, big numbers that will most likely help the Redskins this regular season.

3. Detroit Lions (3-12-1)

Lions Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 17th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 31st
2020 Biggest Needs CB, DL, OL, RB, WR
Projected First Round Pick Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

Analysis: The Detroit Lions traded their best cornerback, Darius Slay, to the Philadelphia Eagles for two 2020 draft picks (one in the 3rd and the other in the 5th round) so now they could use a talented player like Okudah in their weakened secondary.

Okudah is a special player – predicted to be a Pro Bowl caliber talent in the NFL, he has speed (runs the 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds), is strong (benched 225-pounds eleven times) and he can jump (41-inch vertical leap) so he has all the natural skills needed to excel at the professional level.

Chances are the Lions would be willing to trade back for even more draft capital, though, so watch for them to possibly trade this pick to a team like the Miami Dolphins or the Los Angeles Chargers who could use the better spot to score their next franchise quarterback.

4. New York Giants (4-12)

Giants Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 23rd
2019 Total Defense Ranked 25th
2020 Biggest Needs OT, Edge Rush, S, WR, TE
Projected First Round Pick Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Line, Iowa

Analysis: This 2020 draft class has been called ‘offensive tackle rich,’ and arguably the best of them, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, would fit nicely on the New York Giants’ offensive line to help open some holes for star running back Saquon Barkley and give their young quarterback, Daniel Jones, a little more time to throw.

Wirfs, considered a ‘boom or bust’ prospect at the NFL combine, is remarkably fast for a big man (he runs the 40-yard dash in 4.85 seconds) and is said to be a ‘weight room monster’ who can ‘squat a bus’ and who has the upper body strength to manhandle anyone trying to get past him.

The Giants would also be excellent candidates for a quarterback-needy team like the Chargers to trade up with to bypass the equally needy Dolphins, so watch for possible drama in this spot on the first day of the draft.

5. Miami Dolphins (5-11)

Dolphins Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 27th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 30th
2020 Biggest Needs QB, OL, RB, S, edge rusher
Projected First Round Pick Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

Analysis: The only reason why Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa isn’t considered the number one quarterback in this draft class is because of the injury to his ankle that kept him from playing during his final season.

After he led his Crimson Tide to a comeback victory in the second half of the 2017 College National Championship after replacing the benched starter, Jalen Hurts, Tagovailoa became the new starter and took his team back to the National Championship the following season.

The Dolphins have been lacking a legitimate starting quarterback ever since Ryan Tannehill fizzled out under center for them a couple of seasons ago, and a healthy and healed up Tagovailoa could be just what the Dolphins need to return to contention.

6. Los Angeles Chargers (5-11)

Chargers Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 10th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 6th
2020 Biggest Needs QB, OT, LB, edge rusher, TE
Projected First Round Pick Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Analysis: The Los Angeles Chargers could certainly use linebacker help in their secondary, which Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons could definitely provide, but if Justin Herbert is still left on the board they will most likely snag him since they are sorely lacking in that department, as well.

The Chargers let longtime quarterback Philip Rivers walk out the door and would have to be happy with his backup, Tyrod Taylor, in that position until Herbert was ready to play, but given his polish and strong arm and excellent football IQ, it could be sooner rather than later for the former Duck.

Herbert was impressive at the NFL combine and showed a strong arm and speed (he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.68 seconds) but where he most impressed at Oregon was with his ability to read the field and keep safeties planted with just a glance.

7. Carolina Panthers (5-11)

Panthers Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 19th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 23rd
2020 Biggest Needs DL, CB, edge rusher, OL, LB
Projected First Round Pick Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker, Clemson

Analysis: The Carolina Panthers took care of their glaring quarterback needs by signing free agent Teddy Bridgewater, allowing them to use their first-round pick to fill in other holes, like the one left by their retired and heavily concussed star linebacker Luke Kuechly.

Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons is said to be way more than just a linebacker – his senior season he had 67 total tackles along with 7 sacks, 3 interceptions, 8 passes defended, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

They could use a defensive lineman, so Auburn’s Derrick Brown could also be on the table here, but a player like Simmons is considered a perennial Pro Bowl talent who could make a fundamental difference in the Panthers’ defense, ranked just 23rd at the end of last season.

8. Arizona Cardinals (5-10-1)

Cardinals Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 21st
2019 Total Defense Ranked 32nd
2020 Biggest Needs OL, edge rusher, DL, TE, DB
Projected First Round Pick Mekhi Becton, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

Analysis: The Arizona Cardinals are like the Cleveland Browns in this particular draft in that they both finally have their quarterback needs taken care of, but they both also desperately require help protecting their young stars.

Thankfully this draft has plenty of what both teams need, and out of the three offensive tackle stars remaining (Louisville’s Mekhi Becton, Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas) it is anyone’s guess as to which is the best fit.

Becton gives the Cardinals’ O-line size (he is 6’7” and 364-pounds with a seven-foot wingspan), speed (he runs the 40-yard dash in just over 5 seconds) and strength (he benched 225-pounds 23 times at the combine, plus the athletic ability Becton shows, especially for a big man, will make him instantly effective in the big leagues.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)

Jaguars Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 20th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 24th
2020 Biggest Needs CB, DL, edge rusher, OL, RB
Projected First Round Pick Derrick Brown, Defensive Line, Auburn

Analysis: Thankfully for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they have become quite happy with the young Gardner Minshew II under center, so that frees up this first-round pick to address their needs on the other side of the ball.

Auburn’s Derrick Brown is said to be the best interior defensive lineman in the draft, and the Jaguars could definitely use some help there, especially with recent trade rumors regarding Yannick Ngakoue have been heating up.

In his four years at Auburn, Brown had 12.5 sacks, 89 total tackles, 8 passes defended, 5 forced fumbles and 4 fumble recoveries, all numbers that the Jaguars 24th ranked defense could certainly use.

10. Cleveland Browns (6-10)

Browns Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 22nd
2019 Total Defense Ranked 22nd
2020 Biggest Needs OT, S, LB, DL, WR
Projected First Round Pick Jedrick Wills, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Analysis: The Cleveland Browns saw what having an ineffective offensive line can do to a young quarterback, even one as talented as Baker Mayfield, with the second-year man spending most of last season panicked and scrambling after looking like a total all-star his rookie year.

If Alabama offensive tackle Jedrick Wills is still available, expect the Browns to snatch him up right away, the 6’4”, 312-pounder considered an instant starter, his nasty disposition and quickness out of the gate both huge plusses on a run-oriented team that could use some better blocking.

The Browns offense has plenty of talented playmakers, but they totally underperformed last season, but with an upgrade like Wills to their front line, they could begin to see the stellar Mayfield from two seasons ago and with targets like Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry that should be dangerous.

11. New York Jets (7-9)

Jets Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 32nd
2019 Total Defense Ranked 7th
2020 Biggest Needs WR, edge rusher, OT, CB, RB
Projected First Round Pick CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

Analysis: The New York Jets are in desperate need of talented receivers for their young star quarterback, Sam Darnold, to throw to, his rocket arm useless without a selection of speedy targets on his radar.

And that’s where CeeDee Lamb comes in – the Oklahoma receiver considered the best at his position in this draft after catching 62 passes for 1,327 yards and touchdowns 14 during his last season with the Sooners.

Lamb showed 4.5 speed in the 40-yard dash at the combine, plus his ability to get open at all three levels and run with the ball after the catch (he averaged 21.4 yards per catch last year as the primary target) makes him capable of big plays on the field, something the Jets have been totally lacking.

12. Las Vegas Raiders (7-9)

Raiders Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 11th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 19th
2020 Biggest Needs WR, CB, DL, OL, LB
Projected First Round Pick Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Analysis: The Raiders will be spending their first season in their new Las Vegas digs and they could certainly use a flashy playmaker like Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy to get things going.

The speedy Jeudy (he runs the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds) has scored 24 touchdowns in his last 28 games – something that certainly got Raiders quarterback Derrick Carr’s and head coach Jon Gruden’s undivided attention.

Despite their poor sub-500 overall record in 2019, the Raiders’ had a decent offense (ranked 11th in the league), so adding a speedy young receiver like Jeudy makes perfect sense, that is if he’s still available at this point in the first round.

13. San Francisco 49ers (from 7-9 IND)

49ers Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 4th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 2nd
2020 Biggest Needs WR, OL, DL, CB, S
Projected First Round Pick Henry Ruggs IIl, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Analysis: Doesn’t seem fair but the defending NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers have two first-round picks in 2020, and chances are they will spend the 7th overall selection on the third-best wide receiver in the draft, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III.

Ruggs is fast – he ran the 40-yard dash at the combine in just 4.27 seconds – and his vertical jump is off the charts at 42.0 inches, so he has the physical traits required of an NFL receiver.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will have fun with Ruggs running routes, his game-breaking speed perfect for the occasional long ball but more often as a distraction that pulls double-teams away from the other receivers.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

Buccaneers Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 3rd
2019 Total Defense Ranked 15th
2020 Biggest Needs OT, RB, DL, QB, S
Projected First Round Pick Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

Analysis: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers now have the GOAT, quarterback Tom Brady, so expect them to use the 14th overall pick to select some offensive line help, whichever of the four best at that position remain.

In this mock draft, that would be Andrew Thomas, the talented tackle from Georgia who could arguably be the best tackle to come out of this draft, that is if he is still left on the board at this point.

Head coach Bruce Arians finally got his QB, and with Thomas he would get some top-notch protection on top of a lot of big blocking, something running backs Ronald Jones and Dare Ogunbowale could certainly use out of the Buccaneers’ backfield.

15. Denver Broncos (7-9)

Broncos Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 28th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 12th
2020 Biggest Needs WR, OL, CB, LB, S
Projected First Round Pick C.J. Henderson, Cornerback, Florida

Analysis: At this point in this mock, all the round one worthy wide receivers and offensive linemen have been snatched up, so the Denver Broncos would do well to address their next most pressing need, which is cornerback.

Florida Cornerback C.J. Henderson is an impressively sized (6’1”, 204-pounds) prospect who is expected to be an instant starter in the NFL, an asset to coordinator Ed Donatell’s 12th ranked Broncos squad.

16. Atlanta Falcons (7-9)

Falcons Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 5th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 20th
2020 Biggest Needs DB, LB, edge rusher, OL, RB
Projected First Round Pick K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE rusher, LSU

Analysis: Take a look at how the Atlanta Falcons used free agency to beef up their offense – they signed former playmaking running back Todd Gurley and former Baltimore Ravens’ tight end Hayden Hurst, making that side of the ball even more effective.

It’s the Falcons’ 20th ranked defense that needs the attention now, and LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson would give Atlanta an instant starter who could disrupt opponents’ game plans with his thundering rush that netted him 6.5 sacks and 60 total tackles his senior year as a National Champion at LSU.

17. Dallas Cowboys (8-8)

Cowboys Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 1st
2019 Total Defense Ranked 9th
2020 Biggest Needs Edge rusher, CB, OL, WR, S
Projected First Round Pick Kristian Fulton, Cornerback, LSU

Analysis: Whoever the best cornerback is at this point is who the Dallas Cowboys should grab, especially given that their secondary was one of three teams to have the fewest interceptions last season with just seven.

LSU had a championship season last year, cornerback Kristian Fulton was a big part of that with his 14 passes defended an interception and 38 total tackles, a young talent who as a Dallas Cowboy could get the time to develop into a starter in the NFL.

18. Miami Dolphins (from 8-8 PIT)

Dolphins Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 27th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 30th
2020 Biggest Needs QB, OL, RB, S, edge rusher
Projected First Round Pick Josh Jones, Offensive Tackle, Houston

Analysis: Since in this mock draft the Dolphins used their first pick to fill their quarterback needs with Tagovailoa, it makes sense to address their next biggest roster hole, which is in their offensive line.

Still on the board at this point is Houston’s star offensive tackle Josh Jones, the 6’5”, 319 pound who is raw but with plenty of upside potential including quickness out of his stance and smooth lateral movement.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (from 8-8 CHI)

Raiders Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 11th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 19th
2020 Biggest Needs WR, CB, DL, OL, LB
Projected First Round Pick Trevon Diggs, Cornerback, Alabama

Analysis: The Raiders got their wide receiver so now it’s time to get a talented young cornerback to help keep the best part of the other side of the ball, their 8th ranked pass defense, respectable.

If Trevon Diggs, the talented Alabama cornerback, is still on the board, his size, length, athleticism, and ball skills could help the Raiders’ growingly porous secondary continue to shut down pass plays.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from 9-7 LAR)

Jaguars Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 20th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 24th
2020 Biggest Needs OT, S, LB, DL, WR
Projected First Round Pick Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver, LSU

Analysis: The championship LSU class of draft prospects are many, and for the Jacksonville Jaguars’ second first-round pick, it would behoove them to select wide receiver, Justin Jefferson.

In his third season at LSU last year, Jefferson caught 111 passes for 1,540 yards and 18 touchdowns, a steal this late in the round that has been dominated by the need for quarterbacks and offensive tackles.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)

Eagles Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 14th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 10th
2020 Biggest Needs WR, OL, LB, CB, S
Projected First Round Pick Denzel Mims, Wide Receiver, Baylor

Analysis: Why not take care of the Philadelphia Eagles’ biggest need at wide receiver by selecting Baylor star Denzel Mims, who looked the part of an NFL receiver back at the combine in March.

Mims caught 66 passes for 1,020 yards and 12 touchdowns his senior season at Baylor and at the combine showed off his 4.3 speed and 38.5-inch vertical leap with athleticism to spare.

22. Minnesota Vikings (from 10-6 BUF)

Vikings Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 16th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 14th
2020 Biggest Needs CB, WR, edge rusher, OL, S
Projected First Round Pick Jaylon Johnson, Cornerback, Utah

Analysis: The Vikings could use a cornerback in their secondary, and if Utah’s Jaylon Johnson is still available at this point of the first round, he could fill that need nicely.

Johnson played in Utah for three seasons and had a total of 7 interceptions in that time with 21 passes defended and 102 total tackles.

23. New England Patriots (12-4)

2019 Total Offense Ranked
2019 Total Offense Ranked 15th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 1st
2020 Biggest Needs QB, TE, LB, DL, WR
Projected First Round Pick A.J. Epenesa, EDGE rusher, Iowa

Analysis: New England Patriots’ general manager and head coach Bill Belichick isn’t known for drafting quarterbacks, let alone in the first round, so expect him to fill another need first, like at defensive line.

EDGE rusher A.J. Epenesa would be a nice pickup for the Patriots – over the last two seasons, the 6’6”, 280 pound defensive end had 22 sacks, 8 forced fumbles and 86 total tackles for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

24. New Orleans Saints (13-3)

Saints Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 9th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 11th
2020 Biggest Needs LB, OL, S, CB, QB
Projected First Round Pick Patrick Queen, LSU

Analysis: Currently the biggest needs for the New Orleans Saints is on the defensive side of the ball, the first priority being snagging a linebacker in the draft.

LSU’s Patrick Queen fills that bill nicely, the 6’, 229 pound linebacker with 3 sacks, an interception and 85 total tackles last season with a lot of growth potential once he begins receiving instruction from NFL coaches.

25. Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

Vikings Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 16th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 14th
2020 Biggest Needs CB, WR, edge rusher, OL, S
Projected First Round Pick Austin Jackson, Phoenix

Analysis: With a cornerback already selected earlier in this mock, the Vikings can now turn their attention to other needs, and offensive tackle Austin Jackson could make their front line better.

Jackson is young, just 20, so he will improve with high level coaching, and the 6’6”, 310-pound kid from Phoenix has a backstory that proves his unwavering loyalty to whatever he commits to.

26. Miami Dolphins (from 10-6 HOU)

Dolphins Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 27th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 30th
2020 Biggest Needs QB, OL, RB, S, edge rusher
Projected First Round Pick D’Andre Swift, Running Back, Georgia

Analysis: The Dolphins have this third pick in the first round and a chance to continue to improve their 27th ranked offense with a running back that is worth the pick, Georgia’s D’Andre Swift.

Swift could help Miami, as the 5’9”, 215 pounder ran the ball 196 times last season for 1,218 yards and 7 touchdowns, which followed a 2018 where he had 163 carries for 1,000+ yards and 10 touchdowns.

27. Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

2019 Total Offense Ranked 8th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 26th
2020 Biggest Needs Edge rusher, OL, DL, S, RB
Projected First Round Pick Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State

Analysis: The Seattle Seahawks need an EDGE rusher, and though a few good ones have already been taken, yet another remains (at least in THIS mock).

That’s Penn State’s Yetur Gross-Matos, who last season posted 9.5 sacks and 40 total tackles for the Nittany Lions, a quarterback hunter projected to be a boom or bust prospect in the NFL.

28. Baltimore Ravens (14-2)

Ravens Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 2nd
2019 Total Defense Ranked 4th
2020 Biggest Needs LB, OL, WR, edge rusher, DL
Projected First Round Pick Jonathan Taylor, Running Back, Wisconsin

Analysis: Though running back is not listed as one of the Baltimore Ravens’ primary needs, it might be tough to pass on Jonathan Taylor if he is still available.

Taylor looked impressive at the combine and had three incredible seasons at Wisconsin where he averaged 300 carries, 2,000+ yards and almost 17 touchdowns per season.

29. Tennessee Titans (9-7)

Titans Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 12th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 21st
2020 Biggest Needs Edge rusher, DL, OL, CB, RB
Projected First Round Pick Marlon Davidson, EDGE, Auburn

Analysis: If the Tennessee Titans want to help their mid- to low-range 21st ranked defense they would do well to select EDGE rusher, Marlon Davison.

Last season Davidson had 7.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, a pass defended and 49 total tackles for Auburn.

30. Green Bay Packers (13-3)

Packers Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 18th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 18th
2020 Biggest Needs TE, WR, OL, LB, CB
Projected First Round Pick Jalen Reagor Wide Receiver, TCU

Analysis: Green Bay Packers’ Hall of Fame-bound quarterback Aaron Rodgers could use some solid young targets, and Jalen Reagor, a receiver out of TCU, could be one of them.

Over his three seasons at Texas Christian, Reagor caught 148 passes for 2,224 yards and 22 touchdowns, averaging 15.2 yards per catch.

31. San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

49ers Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 4th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 2nd
2020 Biggest Needs WR, OL, DL, CB, S
Projected First Round Pick Neville Gallimore, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma

Analysis: Not that the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive line needs much help, but if they don’t trade down here (which is likely) they might want to take a look at defensive lineman Neville Gallimore.

Gallimore played for Oklahoma for four full seasons and last year he had 4 sacks, a pass defended, 2 forced fumbles and 29 total tackles.

32. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

Chiefs Stats
2019 Total Offense Ranked 6th
2019 Total Defense Ranked 17th
2020 Biggest Needs CB, OL, LB, RB, TE
Projected First Round Pick Ross Blacklock, Defensive Tackle, TCU

Analysis: What do you give the Super Bowl Champions whose roster seems to lack nothing? How about defensive tackle Ross Blacklock to help shore up that 17th ranked defense.

Blacklock is terrific against both the run and pass, but his Achilles tear back in 2018 is still on everybody’s mind, so he has a chance of slipping into the second round as a result.

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