NBA Losing Hope in 2020 Season's Return

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All are holding their breath in hopes that the NBA might be able to salvage their season. Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 epidemic, the league front office and government officials can’t rightly say where the country will be.

While President Donald Trump stated that the NFL should be able to start on time, growing pessimism of the NBA season’s return is starting to take hold.

The idea of creating a “bubble” in order to house the remainder of the NBA season doesn’t seem so difficult on the exterior.

However logistical issues regarding the attending teams, staff, and associated parties is frustrating the NBA’s plans.

The ability to provide proper testing for everyone involved (players, coaches, trainers, team cooks, staff, etc.) is a large concern.

On top of necessary quarantine after travel, followed by a three-week training camp to help avoid injury, and twenty or so matches that would do little to change the standings, many have forsaken the return of the regular season.

So many questions arise when contemplating the return of the NBA season.

Were a bubble to be created for the remainder of the season, how would you manage third-party factors? Families cannot be forced apart, while medical staff will have to be on sight. As COVID-19 numbers grow exponentially in the United States, could the NBA stand the criticism of diverting valuable medical resources to their league and away from suffering citizens?

All of these questions merely scratch the surface of the issue at hand, as fans and executives contemplate bringing the NBA back behind-closed-doors. In fact, the jury is out on when we might see full capacity arenas involved again.

The world wants the NBA back, that is certain. However, with the current state of affairs and the Chinese Basketball Association recently going back on their promise to continue their own league, optimism regarding the NBA’s return is quickly fading away.

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