Teddy Atlas Live Podcast, Picking McGregor vs Pacquiao (Wise Kracks Ep. 51)


It’s been a wild ride for Bill Krackomberger and John Orlando ever since they started the Wise Kracks sports betting podcast just over a year ago. With 50 Wise Kracks episodes in the books, they decided to do something special for number 51 this week. For the first time, this week’s episode of Wise Kracks was recorded and streamed live from the studio in Las Vegas. Even better, we’ve got an extremely special guest to share it with.

Teddy Atlas Renowned Boxing Trainer Makes Picks for the McGregor vs Pacquiao Fight

Teddy Atlas is one of the voices of boxing in the United States thanks to his work with ESPN, and also one of the biggest characters in the whole sport. He’s in town for the week and agreed to stop by Wise Kracks to talk all things boxing with John and Bill. With all of Teddy’s experience calling fights live from ringside, who better to be the guest on our first-ever live edition of Wise Kracks.

There’s one show in town this weekend in Las Vegas, and as a massive UFC fan, John is extremely excited. The guys are all over the big trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Teddy might be more associated with boxing, but he’s partly in Vegas to work at the fight. He gives his perspective on the trilogy, both from a technical and psychological standpoint. Teddy brings a whole new level of insight to the fight, considering the bout through the lens of a boxing expert.

John has come fully loaded with all the big questions on this fight. How important is the change in weight class for both men since their first fight? What kind of headspace is Conor in? Is there a pre-Floyd Conor and a post-Floyd Conor? The guys discuss all of that and more. And even though he’s not a UFC expert, Krack is on hand to give us his perspective of how to bet on the fight and the latest line movements in Vegas.

Breaking News: Tyson Fury COVID Positive

Of course, with Teddy in the studio, boxing is a big topic in this week’s show. The guys look ahead to Pacquiao vs Spence – can Manny do it or does there come a point when the age difference is just too big of a factor. Teddy also comes in with some breaking news for Wise Kracks, with reports that Tyson Fury has tested positive for COVID-19. Their own trilogy will now be postponed, and the guys discuss how a positive COVID test might affect Fury’s performance. Teddy seems to be one of the few people out there giving Wilder a shot, and COVID throws another spanner in the works.

Bill and Teddy are good friends, and the two share plenty of stories from all the times they’ve hung out over the years. They also talk about Teddy’s own podcast, YouTube boxers, vested interests in the sport and why the biggest fights don’t get made, and much more. When it comes to boxing, Teddy is just about the most tuned-in person in the world, and there is no one we would rather have on for this week’s boxing and MMA special.

There’s a certain kind of energy you only get from a live show, and it’s all over this week’s episode of Wise Krack.

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