Olympics Recap and Classic Stories with Maurice Green (Wise Kracks Ep. 56)

Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando are back for episode 56 of Wise Kracks – and for the first time in a while, they’re in the same room! Bill is back home in Vegas after being on the road in the East Coast for a few weeks, and he’s come armed with iced coffees for everyone.

Olympics Talk with Maurice Green

Bill and John are extremely excited to have a special guest this week and the timing couldn’t be better. With the Olympic closing ceremony not even a week old, Wise Kracks are thrilled to welcome back two-time Olympic gold medalist Maurice Green to the show.

Maurice is the perfect guest to look back at the Olympic Games, and he has some strong opinions on team USA’s performance in the track and field events. It was one of the worst showings in years in terms of medals, and Maurice has some theories on why that be the case, from the lack of fans to athletes simply taking their eye off the ball.

The Life of Being a Top-Level Athlete

In fact, Maurice has a refreshing perspective on just about everything. The guys touch on how to come back stronger after a failure, and how overcoming mental health challenges is just another part of being a top-level athlete. Jon also wastes no time in getting into the big question of who is the sprinting GOAT and quizzes Maurice about his feelings towards one Usain Bolt.

There is plenty of reminiscing with Maurice in this episode of Wise Kracks. There’s the time he ran so fast they decided to spray down his shoes with a fire extinguisher after the race. There was his experience watching in tears at the Olympics in 1996, before coming back to win gold at the following games in 2000. Outside of sport Maurice is also loaded with stories, from attending Tyson fights back in the day to using Google when he got asked for ID at an Apple store.

Insider Casino Tips

Since Krack is just back from gambling on the East Coast, Jon has come in hot with some questions about gambling strategy and casino etiquette – and Bill doesn’t disappoint. He gives us a sneak preview of an upcoming guest he has lined up, a major high roller. There’s also the story of Bill getting kicked out of a casino back in the day, purely for throwing a hot streak on the craps table a couple of times.

In fact, Bill ends up dropping all kinds of insight during today’s episode, from how big-time gamblers should maximize their comp offers from casinos to blackjack and Spanish 21 tips.

They guys even have time to take a couple of questions from listeners, including how the Bills are looking for the imminent NFL season, swapping prop bets, and moneyline parlays advice in the MLB. Bill and Jon, along with Maurice, cover absolutely tons of topics on this week’s episode.

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