UFC 270 Predictions, NFL Playoff Picks & Live Betting Tips

The NFL playoffs are sprinting towards the Super Bowl, a massive UFC 270 card is looming this weekend and Bill and Jon are back for another episode of Wise Kracks.

This week the guys dive into the latest NFL results and upcoming games, with an eye out for profitable betting opportunities.

Krack makes a keen NFL Divisional Playoff pick between the Bills and Chiefs while Jon mourns the loss of his dearly departed Dallas Cowboys.

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Bills Beat Bill Belichick in Buffalo

Most sports fans were happy to see the Buffalo Bills dominate the New England Patriots the way they did on Saturday night.

The result, especially for many square bettors, was a bit of surprise as the Patriots were much more dominant in the two teams’ previous matchups.

Discussing the Patriots loss, Bill indicated that this was a bit of “payback” for how Bill Belichick treated Tom Brady upon his exit from the organization. A truly dominant performance by the Bills, the Patriots were never really able to get going in that game.

It’s important to note that temperatures were below freezing with a severe wind in this game, so it does actually impact an offense’s ability to get plays started.

Earlier this year, Bill explained that one of the most significant factors when looking at games in outdoor stadiums is the weather. Given the conditions in this game, the under was a definitely favorable, especially based on their previous outdoor meeting in December in Buffalo.

To top it off, Ryan Fitzpatrick was spotted celebrating shirtless with the fans in Buffalo.

Cowboys Flame Out Against 49ers

The loss of his beloved Cowboys this week profoundly saddened Jon Orlando. Like, seriously.

Dallas took several bad penalties that contributed to the result. However, many fans attacked the referees with garbage following the team’s loss. In addition, there was controversy over the “slow” nature of the umpire during the game. His lack of hustle resulted in the Cowboys not snapping the ball before the play clock ran out on two separate occasions.

“He apologized because he had to,” said Bill when discussing Dak Prescott’s out-of-pocket remarks about fans throwing garbage at the referees.

While the fans assaulting the referees with waste is unacceptable, many media also feel that the umpire’s professionalism was seriously lacking. Furthermore, images indicate that the umpire was out of position on the final play.

Bill Backs Bills Against Chiefs

Bill doesn’t bet sides often so when he’s willing to take a position, it’s worth paying attention. Today Krack broke from tradition by saying he likes the Bills over the Chiefs this weekend.

An advantage gambler typically won’t bet on an NFL side as the edge is usually more on the bookmaker’s side, but that wasn’t the case this week.

“I would like Buffalo over Kansas City,” stated Bill.

Coming off of the Bills’ dominant defeat of the Patriots, many are leaning towards Buffalo. However, Kansas City cannot be ruled out as they’re only a few years away from winning the Super Bowl.

Final Fight for Ngannou in UFC 270?

Moreno takes on Figueiredo in the rubber match for the Flyweight Title. Jon likes Moreno in this fight, and a lot of fans feel the same way. However, Figueiredo struggles to make 125 pounds, and he was beaten easily in their last match.

Ngannou takes on Gane for the Heavyweight Title. Interestingly, Francis Ngannou Is the underdog going into this fight even though he is the champion. It has also been indicated that this is the last fight on Ngannou’s contract which could be a factor.

“Can’t remember seeing that,” stated Jon Orlando when talking about the potential exit of Ngannou.

Ngannou came under fire by fans by his constant criticism of Stipe Stipe Miocic for not fighting in a timely fashion. However, Stipe had severe injuries following his past two fights. He was unable to fight due to eye pokes that caused permanent damage to his eye in his fights with Daniel Cormier.

This caused delays in Stipe being able to fight.

When Francis won the title, he refused to defend his title timely even though he was healthy. As a result, the UFC held an interim heavyweight championship fight very quickly, which upset Francis.

Fans were quick to call Ngannou out for being a hypocrite. Adding fuel to the fire was refusing to fight someone he had lost to in Derrick Lewis.

Ngannou has struggled to cope with his criticism over his career. Saturday night could potentially be the last time we see him fight in the UFC.

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