Wise Kracks Ep. 9 - Sports Betting Tips for Corona (w/ PGA Caddie Kerr)

A lot has changed this year in pro sports. Schedules, rules and playing conditions have all been hugely disrupted and in this week’s episode of Wise Kracks, Bill Krackomberger explains how you can turn all of this sports uncertainty into betting opportunities.

This week we focus on how the changes in the PGA, MLB, NBA, and soon the NFL will affect sports betting strategy. We also get an inside look into the upcoming PGA championship from legendary PGA caddie Cayce Kerr plus answers to questions asked by our viewers on Twitter.

Krackman’s Sports Betting Tips of the Week

Specific points covered in the strategy session include how no fans in the stands is affecting pace and style of play in different sports, the changes to rules around listed pitchers vs action bets in MLB,

We also explore other interesting topics including which leagues have the best chance of completing their seasons and how there may be some sneaky value in betting seven-inning games in the MLB.

Legendary Caddie Cayce Kerr Guest Appearance

One of the most interesting parts of the show, however, has to be our conversation with Cayce Kerr. This is a man that has caddied over 1,000 PGA tournaments, over 100 majors, and has been on the bag for 14 PGA majors winners, nine golf Hall of Famers, and six world #1 ranked players.

Cayce is a living legend in the golf world and was generous to share his stories, insights, and three very valuable picks for tomorrow’s PGA Championship. You’ll have to watch the episode for the details on those.

Q&A From the Audience

To wrap up the episode Krack answers sports betting questions from the audience via Twitter. Topics include NBA playoff betting, which Vegas sportsbooks are the squarest, and a special bonus question about the mythical Sports Almanac from Back to the Future II.

Check out the full episode and make sure to join us next week for another dose of sports betting knowledge and a brand new special guest.

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