What is Microbetting and How it Works?

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Microbetting is a rapidly growing form of sports betting in the US, where wagers are placed on specific moments in a game that are quickly resolved. Bettors actively engage with a game by predicting immediate outcomes at a rapid pace. In this microbetting guide, I’ll explain exactly how it works, how to improve your strategy, and the best sportsbooks for microbetting. Let’s get straight into it!

Microbetting Guide

What is Microbetting?

Microbetting involves placing wagers on specific events that occur during a live sporting event, which typically doesn’t depend on the overall outcome of the games. As the name suggests, these bets are placed on small moments in a game and are usually settled instantly or within a few minutes. They tend to be a modest amount rather than a big bet. Essentially, they are rapid, small bets on immediate results.

For example, you can place bets on whether the next play in a football game will be a run or a pass, if the next free throw in a basketball game will be made or missed, or if the next batter will hit a home run.

Traditional sports betting focuses more on the outcome of an event, like the winning team or number of points, with bets placed in advance before the game has begun. Microbetting, on the other hand, is an immediate kind of betting where wagers are resolved quickly in real time. It is more fast-paced and requires speedy decision-making from the bettor.

Microbets are a popular choice for those who want to be directly involved with the live action of a game rather than waiting around for their bets to settle. Additionally, it allows for a higher number of betting opportunities within a game.

Which Sportsbooks Have Microbetting?

I’ve handpicked the best US sportsbooks for you to explore and enjoy microbetting. These platforms are leading names in the US betting industry and have multiple microbetting markets to get into the heat of the action. Let me explain why they’re my top recommendations for the best microbetting sites.

1. FanDuel Microbetting

FanDuel is the leading sportsbook in the US in terms of total betting revenue for the past year. You could say that people voted with their wallets, and FanDuel came out on top.

When it comes to microbetting, FanDuel has it but calls it ‘The Pulse.’ Just like regular microbetting, bettors can wager on individual moments in real time. It is a relatively new feature that was introduced in 2023.

Since FanDuel is the official sportsbook partner of the NBA, ‘The Pulse’ is most widely available for NBA games. However, it can also be found on other markets like the NFL, MLB, NHL, and more.

Uniquely, ‘The Pulse’ has a narrative-focused approach to betting, where a kind of story is told through wagering opportunities as the game progresses.

FanDuel is renowned for having the best mobile sportsbook app, holding ratings of 4.9/5 on the App Store and 4.5/5 on the Google Play Store. Bettors can conveniently use ‘The Pulse’ while out and about through FanDuel’s app.

Real-time information and updates can also be easily accessed to guide their betting. The app’s outstanding performance is key for microbetting, where speed and optimal functionality are critical. As the game unfolds, microbets can be made quickly and seamlessly from the palm of your hand without any disruption.

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2. Betr Microbetting

Betr is a unique and innovative platform, as the world’s first sportsbook app to focus exclusively on microbetting.

It was created by Joe Levy, one of the co-founders of SimpleBet, and social media personality Jack Paul.

Available leagues on the app, include the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, college football, college basketball, and LIV Golf.

Each microbet is formatted as a multiple-choice question and shows odds as multiples, simplifying the betting experience for beginners. Live streaming is also offered for popular events. 

Betr is only available for real-money betting in Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia, but it can also be accessed as a free-to-play platform with virtual currencies in many other states. All promotions, like the welcome bonus, referral offers, and social media promotions, are tailored to microbetting.

It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a platform that puts microbetting at the forefront, rather than tucked away in the betting options. 

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3. Caesars Sportsbook Microbetting

Caesars Sportsbooks has built an esteemed and long-standing reputation in betting, providing a premium sportsbook experience.

In 2022, Caesars Sportsbook partnered with SimpleBet to bring microbetting technology to their platform. This partnership allows users to place microbets on the NBA, NFL, MLB, college football, and college basketball.

Hockey fans will be pleased to find exclusive NHL microbetting options available to them at Caesars Sportsbook, thanks to it being the official sports betting partner of the NHL.

Microbetting is referred to as ‘Fire Bets’ at Caesars Sportsbook. ‘Fire Bets’ are organized around key moments in the game, which are those predicted to have the greatest impact on the outcome. While placing these wagers, bettors can live stream certain sports events on the platform at the same time.

This is often available for NFL games, in particular. Detailed statistics are also available to help bettors make the right decisions.

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4. bet365 Microbetting

bet365, a globally recognized name in sports betting industry, is now establishing itself in the US market.

Microbetting was offered on the platform in 2021 but significantly improved after collaborating with SimpleBet. Following this, bet365 could provide microbetting across major leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, college football, and college basketball.

It was the first to prominently display microbetting options, producing considerable betting volume. For instance, the five-way possession bets on NBA games during the 2022–2023 season saw significant activity on bet365 compared to other sportsbooks.

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5. Hard Rock Bet Microbetting

Hard Rock Bet is quickly emerging as a significant player in the US online sports betting industry.

They introduced microbetting, known as 'Play-by-Play' betting on Hard Rock Bet, allowing users to wager on specific events during games. This feature became available when Hard Rock Bet partnered with Simple Bet in June 2023.

'Play-by-Play' betting is available for markets such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA football, and NCAA basketball. SimpleBet also launched its golf microbetting markets on Hard Rock Bet on September 2023.

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6. DraftKings Microbetting

DraftKings is a titan in the iGaming industry, delivering a sleek and cutting-edge platform.

In 2021, DraftKings became the first sportsbook to partner with SimpleBet, paving the way for microbetting markets. These microbets cover major leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Known for its extensive range of microbetting options, DraftKings allows users to wager on the minutest of occurrences within games. The minimum bet amount across all microbetting markets is $0.10.

On DraftKings, microbetting is branded as 'Flash Bets'. You can check its availability by viewing the markets for each game.

Certain events provide a live visual representation of the game, showcasing the action alongside real-time stats. After placing your wager in this section, you'll view a timeline of your bets and potentially receive payouts within seconds.

When using the app, games with flash betting available are marked with a lightning bolt symbol. 'Flash Bets' are also integrated into DraftKings' DFS.

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Best Sports for Microbetting

Microbetting is particularly suited for sports that have distinct and frequent events within the game. Most sportsbooks tend to offer microbetting for major leagues like the MLB, NFL, and NBA, but you can find it for other kinds of sports. Let’s take a look at the most popular microbetting markets:

MLB Microbetting

Baseball is the perfect market for microbetting because of its distinct and measurable events, slower-paced nature than other sports, and the wealth of statistics available. As such, the MLB is a popular choice for microbetting, as it is the biggest baseball league in the world.

Bettors can wager on whether the next pitch will be a ball, strike, or hit. Another example is placing bets on the number of runs that will be scored in an inning or even finer details like the speed of the next pitch.

For more traditional wagers, check out our best MLB bets, MLB prop bets, and MLB parlay bets.

NFL Microbetting

As the most-followed league in the US, the NFL generates extensive betting activity. This immense popularity makes it a key league for microbetting, and it’s a suitable market because of the game’s structured nature.

For instance, bets can be placed on certain plays, like if the next play will be a run or pass, if the next field goal will be made or missed, or whether a drive will end in a touchdown, field goal, or punt. Bettors can also wager on specific player performance, such as the number of yards a quarterback will throw for the next pass.

NHL Microbetting

Hockey is less commonly used for microbetting than the other popular sports in the US. Offering microbets can be challenging for technology because of the game’s extremely rapid pace and constant action. Nevertheless, there are still microbetting opportunities available for the NHL.

You might find predictions on the next goal, like which team will score or if the goal will be a power play or penalty shot. Other examples include results of faceoffs or specific plays like the next shot on goal or the next goal strength.

NBA Microbetting

Basketball is another fast-paced sport that has plenty of microbetting opportunities. In fact, all of our recommended sportsbooks offer the NBA microbetting market. This is unsurprising, considering it is the biggest basketball league in the world.

An example of a popular microbet for the NBA is if the result of the next shot will be a two-pointer or three-pointer. You can also find bets on which team will score the next basket, the next player to score, or the next foul. There are even more specific options, like the rebounds or assists in the next few minutes.

Soccer Microbetting

Soccer is rapidly gaining popularity in the US, driven by the growth of the MLS. This surge in interest makes it an emerging market for betting and perhaps microbetting down the line on US sportsbooks.

Possible options for soccer microbetting could include whether a goal will be scored in the next few minutes, which player heads the ball next, or which team will receive the next corner kick.

Golf Microbetting

Compared to other sports, golf is slower and more methodical, providing a different microbetting experience than usual. This could be preferable to bettors who feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of standard microbetting markets.

Microbets can focus on the specific result of every hole in the tournament. You can wager on whether a player’s next drive will land in the fairway, rough, or out of bounds. Another example is betting on the technical performance of individual shots, like the distance, speed, or accuracy to the pin.

Microbetting Tips and Tricks

Microbetting Tips and Tricks

Microbetting can be daunting as it is such a high-pressure and rapid environment compared to the slower nature of traditional sports betting. However, as you become familiar with this kind of betting, you’ll naturally become accustomed to the fast pace. A few specific tips and tricks can help you if you're just starting out or want to improve your microbetting.

1. Staying Focused and Quick Decision-Making

Microbetting is a rapid and intense form of betting, so you need to remain focused and make quick decisions.

Because of its fast-paced nature, it requires your full attention, or you might miss a key play that can affect your bet. Bettors should try to limit any potential distractions around them.

Another necessary ability is to make decisions quickly, as the events you are betting on happen in real-time and can be settled within a few minutes or seconds. You need to calmly assess the situation and place your bet quickly; no deliberating is involved.

2. Knowing the Market

If you’re well-informed about your chosen microbetting market, making those rapid decisions will be easier.

Before you start microbetting, you should develop your knowledge about the sport's teams, players, strategies, and rules. You’ll be more likely to anticipate the game’s development and make educated predictions about what will occur next. As you become more familiar with the sport, your confidence will grow, and this will have a hugely positive impact without any second-guessing yourself.

3. Practicing Responsible Gambling

Microbetting can be exhilarating, even more so than regular sports betting, which is why it can also be potentially addictive.

It is essential to be mindful of your betting habits and practice safe and responsible gambling. Since microbetting involves rapid and small bets, it can be easy to overlook how much you’re spending. Creating a good money-management strategy is very important. If you feel you are getting carried away, take a break or seek help through organizations like the National Council of Problem Gambling.

We also have our own responsible gambling section, where you can find out how to recognize early signs and act accordingly.

Microbetting vs. Live betting

Both microbetting and live betting occur while a game is in progress, and bets are placed based on the action happening as you watch.

Microbetting is technically a kind of live betting, as you place wagers on events as they occur in real-time. However, when referring to live betting, we typically understand it to mean placing bets on broader outcomes in the game.

Traditional live bets are usually resolved after a quarter, half, or the whole game. Examples can include goal or point scorers, the total goals scored in the first half, the match winner, or the total points of a game.

Microbets, on the other hand, are placed on specific and more immediate events in the game that can be settled within minutes or even seconds. It is a more rapid and instant form of betting that focuses on a small details of the game.

Microbetting FAQ

Can I place microbets on mobile devices?

What are some strategies for winning at microbetting?

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