Mike Evans 2020/21 Receiving Yards - Odds & Predictions

  • Three-time Pro Bowl receiver Mike Evans is getting ready for an exciting season with his new quarterback, GOAT Tom Brady, who was brought in this offseason.
  • In 2019, Evans had the 13th most receiving yards in the league with 1,157 and was tied for 9th most receiving touchdowns with 8.
  • One stat where Evans ranked low in (league-wise) was the number of receptions he pulled in during his injury-shortened 2019 season, 67, which was tied for 36th most in the NFL.
  • With Brady under center, Evans could see more targets in an offense that will undoubtedly prioritize an air attack.

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All football eyes are upon Tampa Bay in 2020 now that GOAT Tom Brady has chosen to ride out his pro football career under center for the Buccaneers, and part of that ride will be shared with Pro Bowl receiver Mike Evans.
Despite having to end his season three games short in 2019, Evans was still able to catch for 1,000+ yards (1,157, actually), which he has done for every one of his six NFL seasons, tying the great Randy Moss for that honor, now with a chance to own the title all to himself with a great 2020.

Regardless of what Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and Brady decide on the ideal “in the middle” type passing scheme the offense will be running in 2020, you can bet that Evans will be a huge part of the game plan.

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Odds taken May 11 from DraftKings Sportsbook

Mike Evans 2020 Receiving Yards Odds
Over 1200.5 -110
Under 1200.5 -110

One of Evans’ many standout advantages is his size – 6’5”, 231 pounds – giving him the ability to win contested catches, make leaping grabs, and still get decent yards afterward.

Evans will have to share targets with quite a few other playmakers in 2020, but despite that he should easily cover the over here if he remains healthy.

That is always a big ‘if’ after a hamstring injury like the one that shortened Evans’ 2019, but he has proven his toughness over his six-year career by not missing more than one game in five of his six pro seasons.

Evans 1-of-2 NFL Receivers to Start Career With 6 Straight 1,000-Yard Seasons

Aside from THE Randy Moss, Evans is the only NFL receiver to begin his career with six straight 1,000+ seasons, and he can have the record all to himself with another 1,000+ season this year, which seems more than likely with Brady under center.

But in terms of this wager, it is interesting to notice that Evans has beaten the over of this bet in half the six seasons has played in the NFL, posting 1,206 receiving yards in 2015, 1,321 yards in 2016 and 1,524 yards in 2018.

But you definitely have to consider that Evans suffered a slow start to last season due to the flu, and in the first two weeks he failed to reach 100 combined yards, plus he had to sit out the last three games due to an injured hamstring, so had he stayed healthy he would have no doubt caught for at least 50+ more yards.

Expect the Number of Targets to Evans to Increase with Brady

Last season Brady played on a New England Patriots offense that was noticeably lacking star receivers, and despite that he still posted the fourth most passing attempts (613) in the league.

Stands to reason that with Tampa Bay’s stud-filled receiver room (Evans, Chris Godwin, and 5th round pick Tyler Johnson) plus soft-handed tight end Rob Gronkowski, Brady will be given the chance to throw a lot in 2020.

Because Brady is a future Hall-of-Fame veteran known for his football IQ and accurate throwing arm, expect him to do a good job of balancing all those targets against each other and giving everybody career-high numbers in 2020.

Evans Major Part of Arians / Brady Passing Attack

One of the first questions asked once it was decided Brady was going to be a quarterback in Tampa was, who’s passing game scheme would the Bucs use in 2020, his or head coach Bruce Arians’?

When asked that same question by the media, Arians was as diplomatic as can be and answered, “We’ll probably meet in the middle.”

That’s all a veteran like Brady can hope for at this point, especially after spending the first twenty years of his NFL career working for head coach Bill Belichick, who has never once been accused of settling for ‘middle ground’ as long as he has been in charge of a football franchise.

Pick: Take the over here, and get used to hearing the announcers shout, “Brady to Evans” this season.

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