Wise Kracks Ep. 33 Bill and Jon Wager $150K on Poker in Arizona and Share Their Best Tips

It’s Wise Kracks time! Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando lay it all on the line this week with valuable sports betting tips and commentary. Episode 33 is one of those rare, extended conversations where Jon picks the Krackman’s brain and taps into his decades of wisdom betting (and winning) on sports.

Bill and Jon Go to Arizona

Earlier this week, the guys went on a trip to Arizona together. Amongst other details, they discuss their thoughts on the future of sports betting in Arizona state. While sports betting is not yet legal in Arizona, it looks hopeful and there are big plans in place with local proprietors.

Betting on College Basketball

In the world of sports, all eyes are looking ahead to March Madness. Bill and Jon discuss the college basketball conference tournaments currently underway. Betting on conference tournaments can be tough, so don’t miss Bill’s recommendation for your betting strategy. Also, make sure to listen to episodes 34 and 35 as Krack will be giving detailed advice for betting on March Madness.

Have a look at WSN’s futures predictions for NCAA college basketball tournaments:

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MLB Season

It may only be spring training for Major League Baseball, but there’s a new mercy rule that has gained some attention. Jon and Bill discuss their opinions on this new mercy rule and what it means for sports betting.


Jon has collected a plethora of Twitter questions this week from the listeners. The guys answer questions related to sportsbook bans, Krack’s favorite post-season bet, injuries affecting bets, and more. Thanks to all the listeners who submitted questions.

Thanks for tuning in for this week’s extended betting strategy episode. Also, don’t forget to utilize the fantastic resources available at WSN.com. With free access to strategy guides, sports betting tips, promotions, and bonuses, WSN is a no-brainer for the sharp bettor!

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Bill Krackomberger

Expert on Top Picks

Billy “Krackman” Krackomberger has made his living as a professional sports gambler for nearly three decades. You have seen him on ESPN, Gaming Today, and SiriusXM. His connections in the sports gambling industry run all the way to the top. His bets move the lines and regularly have him banned from books for being too sharp.

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