McGregor’s Leg Break, NFL Preseason, The Open Betting Tips (Wise Kracks Ep. 52)

Bill Krackomberger and his co-host John Orlando are back with another episode of Wise Kracks, coming to you direct from Las Vegas.

For the last week Vegas has been buzzing with anticipation for one of the first truly huge sporting events held in town since the pandemic, and today the guys waste no time in picking over the bones of McGregor vs Poirier. Literally, in the case of Conor’s horrific leg fracture. Bill and John discuss their perspectives of the fight, who was winning before the unfortunate stoppage, McGregor’s unexpected tactics, and more.

As regular viewers and listeners will know, John is a McGregor super fan. He and Bill discuss how he balances his love with some of the more unsavory aspects of McGregor’s character – something Krack just can’t get put up with.

They also ask a question many have in the sports world in the last couple of days – what next for Conor? And will there be a rematch?

Bill tells us what he’s observed from the line movement in Vegas in the run-up to the fight, and they talk cold hard cash, and how much money each fighter made from the fight.

Moving on from UFC and there is plenty happening in the world of sport, and plenty of opportunities to bet. The NBA finals are really heating up, with the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks now tied at 2-2. The MLB All-Star Game was this week, and Bill and John go over all the talking points and how the experience of watching exhibition games compares to regular games.

Bill can’t wait for the NFL season to get back underway, and we’re only a few weeks out from pre-season. Krack is preparing his season win picks for his Krack Wins betting service, and he throws out a sneak preview pick for free.

He’s also got a sneaky theory on where Aaron Rogers might end up.

Krack is a big golf guy, and it’s the week of The Open Championship over in the Royal St George in the UK. Bill explains the difference between the windy links courses over on that side of the world compared with the lush courses they are used to on the PGA Tour.

Bill just can’t get on board with betting on any of the favorites at such a difficult course with 150 players in the field. He also lays out the reasons that shopping around for lines and signing up with different sportsbooks is so valuable.

Bill and John have been planning a trip to California forever, to catch a baseball game and watch the horse racing at the Del Mar race track – and Bill has a revelation.

He’s making the trip solo next week. They discuss the gambling culture at big race tracks, and why it’s next to impossible to beat the books when you’re there. There’s also the Bahamas, some Tyson stories, and plenty more besides on this week’s episode of Wise Kracks.

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