World Series Picks & Bill's Big Bet $2k to $84k! (Wise Kracks Ep. 66)


This week on Wise Kracks, Bill and Jon are back in the Las Vegas studio to talk about one of the busiest times on the sports betting calendar. Hockey, football, baseball and MMA are all in full swing and in this action-packed hour-long episode, the guys get into it all.

And to top it off, Todd Fuhrman is this week’s guest. The former co-host of Lock It In on FOX Sports and current host of the sports betting podcast Bet The Board sat down for an in-depth conversation about everything from his background in the gaming industry to the way sportsbooks really treat sharp bettors behind the scenes.

Before getting down to business Bill tells the story of seeing the Rolling Stones last week where he found himself mere feet from Mick Jagger.

Todd Fuhrman Talks Bookmaking Philosophy

Todd Fuhrman broke into the sports betting industry as an analyst and eventually became an oddsmaker with Caesars Sportsbook. Since then he’s moved into sports betting broadcasting with hosting spots on FOX Sports and his own podcast Bet The Board. Fuhrman actually met Bill many years ago when they were on opposite sides of the betting counter.

Fuhrman shares fascinating insights from his time in the industry including how different sportsbooks treat sharp bettors like Krack.

“There should be a willingness from bookmakers, if you know who your sharpest customers are, take a nickel or take a dime, move aggressively and see if you can get a bit of buy-back, more so instead of just staying scared and pretending this stuff doesn’t exist,” explained Fuhrman.

It’s a subject that’s relevant for Krack since many books would rather stop him from betting entirely than learn from him by accepting some amount of action.

Fuhrman goes on to dive deep into the different organizations he’s worked for and how they approached bookmaking.

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Tips for Busiest Time of Sports Betting Year

It’s that special time of year for sports betting when all the major sports are running at the same time. NFL, NBA, NHL, college football, UFC and lots more are available to bet on and this week on Wise Kracks sports betting podcast Bill and Jon dive into it all.

Right out of the gate, Bill busts out some sage advice for staying in the black at a time of year when the betting options are overwhelming.

“People actually get out of control at this time of year,” said Krack in this week’s episode. “I think I’m one of them,” Jon shot back with a laugh.

Krack went on to say, “There are so many choices of things to bet on, people get confused and start over-betting their bankroll. It’s a really tough time of the year for people to maintain control.”

Krack’s advice? Look at your bets and your results from previous years and change what’s not working.

Krack explains that he’s always shocked to see amateur bettors making the same decisions every year, expecting a different result. The most common mistake Krack sees at this time of year is people getting carried away betting way more games than they planned.

With so many games it’s easier to chase losses but it’s usually a bad decision because you’re betting on an impulse without doing the research.

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