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Best Premier League jerseys of all time
The Top 20 Best Premier League Jerseys of All Time
A soccer club’s jersey is an integral part of its identity. We have ranked to 20 best premier league jerseys of all time. Do you agree with our list? …
3 June | 16:21 | Greg Lea
English Premier League vs La Liga
Premier League vs La Liga: Revenue, Salaries, Transfers, Attendance, European Success, Competitiveness and Representation
We put the English Premier League and La Liga side by side and compare their revenue, salaries, transfers, attendance, European success, and much more! …
11 May | 19:30 | Greg Lea
Americans in the Premier League
Top 10 Americans in Premier League History
Top 10 American players to ply their trade in the English Premier League. Includes a full list of every American to have played in the EPL.
9 May | 11:30 | Greg Lea
MLS vs EPL Comparison
MLS vs Premier League: Revenue, Salaries, Transfers and Attendance
We compare the English Premier League with Major League Soccer (MLS) by breaking down all the differences in revenue, salaries, attendance, format, and more! …
6 May | 12:27 | Greg Lea
Which EPL team should I support?
Which Premier League Team Should I Support?
If you’re asking the question "which Premier League team should I support?", the following guide will help you pick an EPL team to follow.
26 April | 11:17 | Greg Lea