Super Bowl Sports Betting - Where to Place Super Bowl Bets

Is It Legal to Bet on the Super Bowl

Yes, in some states. With recent legislation, sports betting has become legal in several states and in the wake of this decision sports betting is slowly becoming legal across most of the country. And with this legalization, a large market of mobile sports betting apps has sprung up.

Read on to find out where to place Super Bowl bets in the US. Check out our NFL Bonuses Page to find the best list of weekly updated bonuses across all sportsbooks to find the best offers!

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What Are Your Options for Betting on the Super Bowl

When it comes to betting in the US, things have come a long way in the few years since the legalization of sports betting in several states. It used to be that if you wanted to get involved in sports betting, you had to visit a shady back door bookie with no guarantee of receiving your winnings or not.

Now there is a competitive and legal market of mobile sports betting websites and apps offering a wide range of sign up incentives and offers it can be tempting to spread yourself out over more than one sportsbook. With so many offers floating around it can be a strategy to sign up with multiple sportsbooks, check out our video guide to learn more about whether you should bet with only one sportsbook.

Some of the biggest Sportsbooks include DraftKings, bet365, and SugarHouse. Below is a short summary of the Sportsbooks legal in New Jersey that have the best sign up bonuses and app features. For more information on betting on the NFL check out our How to Bet on the NFL guide.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Super Bowl promo: Sign up bonus of up to $1,000. Act quickly as some of these offers are set to expire.

Platforms: Browser, Android and Apple IOS

DraftKings is one of the biggest sportsbooks in America and has taken NJ by storm and wit regular promotions happening all the time anytime is a good time to consider opening an account. DraftKings has paid out a total of over $7 billion over the years to winners on their platforms and is updating their app/site constantly.

DraftKings also uses geolocation technology meaning that you’ll never be in danger of accidentally breaking the law by placing a bet in a state where mobile sports wagering is not yet legal.

Draftkings Promo Super Bowl


Super Bowl promo: Creating an account can get you up to $100 for new customers.

Platforms: Android, Apple IOS and browser.

bet365 is one of the largest and most established sportsbooks in the world with over 35 million customers globally. bet365’s app has a load of customizable features including options to customize how you view your top events, a large language selection and ways to choose how you will receive live game updates. No more having to run into the next room to check the score of the game ‘real quick’ with their app on your mobile device.

Another great feature of bet365 is its live-streaming abilities. Users of the app have access to streaming of over 60.000 different live events each year. bet365 also offers the ability to place live bets, meaning you can attend a game and be placing bets from your seat on what is about to happen in the game. This is a unique feature not available on a lot of other sportsbook platforms.

bet365 Promo Super Bowl


Super Bowl promo: Use code “250MATCH” for a 100% first deposit match up to $250.

Platforms: Web browser, Android, and IOS

In nearby Philadelphia, SugarHouse has its headquarters from where it is offering up some excellent incentive to open an account with their sportsbook. SugarHouse sportsbook has 10 deposit options four of which can be used to withdrawals and has a rotating list of promos that it cycles through to offer up nice bonuses to new players.

SugarHouse Promo Super Bowl

Types of Bets

There are thousands of different bets when it comes to the Super Bowl but they can be boiled down into a few categories. It can be confusing to understand betting odds and lines if you are new to sports betting, check out our article on how to read betting odds and lines to learn more. Below are the different types of sports betting.

Point Spreads

Point spreads are also known as straight bets and are the most popular NFL betting type. Before the game starts there will be made a ‘point spread’ base on the likelihood of who will win the game. The likelihood is based on the past performance of the team as well as which team members will be sitting the game out due to injuries and many other factors.

This type is so popular because it is so straightforward, so most bets end up being Point Spread bets, that’s why we’ve made this video guide to help understand what point spread betting is.


Over/Under bets are not as straightforward as simply picking who will win a certain game but rather if the final score will be over or under a chosen number. You can also choose over/under bets on specific actions occurring during a game such as if a player were to run the ball over/under a certain number of yards in a game.

Money Lines

A money line bet is a wager on who will be the winner of a game. All NFL games have two teams, one is predicted to be the favorite to win the game and the other team then is known as the underdog. Some games it is very hard to tell exactly who is the favorite and who is the underdog and that is when things get interesting for NFL commentators and bettors.

Both teams are assigned a set of numbers that appear like this, -120, +160, or something like that. The favorite in a match is designated with negative odds and the underdog is represented with the positive odds.

Betting on the favorite will always get you fewer returns when/if you win the bet while betting on the underdog, will get you much larger returns on a winning bet since they were not expected to win. Betting on the money line is big business in the world of sports betting, check out our video guide to learn more about betting on the moneyline.


Parlays are much more complex than the more straightforward betting on the money line. In a parlay you are betting on two separate teams both winning their matches and, on the point, the spread of the games.

Parlay betting is much more involved and pays out a great deal more on a successfully placed bet. Parlay betting can be complicated, that’s why we’ve made a video guide on how to understand parlay betting.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets placed on whether a specific action will take place or not and that’s it. A famous example of a prop bet is whether the coin toss will land heads up or heads down but there are many different prop bets to choose from the performance of certain players to what color the Gatorade will be that is poured on the winner’s heads at the end of the game.

To learn more about what prop betting is and to get a piece of the action then check out our video guide on how to understand prop betting.

What Are the Most Popular Super Bowl Bets

Aside from the obvious under/over and money line bets what’re the most well-known bets?

The Coin Toss

As previously mentioned, the coin toss is a time-honored prop bet that stirs controversy every year. Let us make one thing straight from the onset, if a coin were to land on heads 30 times in a row then the odds of it landing on tails for the 31st flip are still 50/50 no matter what anyone says. Humans tend to look for patterns and this leads to many people claiming to know what the coin will do this year based on past years.

The best advice for the coin toss is probably not to bet too much on it but have fun with it since there is nothing you can do to influence or inform the outcome of the coin unless maybe you are the guy who is tossing it.

National Anthem

There is a popular prop bet based on how long the National Anthem will run for. Since many singers choose to elongate certain notes and words in the song the run time can go on for quite some time leaving the end run time something of a mystery to be bet on, especially if you know who will be singing.

Super Bowl MVP

One of the greatest honors in the NFL is to be awarded the Super Bowl MVP award. Most Super Bowl MVP awards have been given to quarterbacks, thus raising the odds the MVP will be a QB.

Top 5 Best Tips for Betting on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is by far the biggest event of the year with betting in 2016 totaling around $156,000,000.00, not including the illegal bets that inevitably take place.

The American Gaming Association estimates that $4.6 billion was illegally bet on last year’s Super Bowl but betting illegally can be risky for obvious reasons. For instance, what do you do when your black-market bookie refuses to pay you your winnings? You can’t exactly go to the police.

Get yourself a piece of the pie this year and do it legally by checking out these tips to get yourself ready for this year’s Super Bowl.

Get Signed up for Mobile Betting and Download the App

Mobile betting is by far the best way to place sports bets with over 80% of bets made in NJ last year being done on mobile/online platforms. New ground is also being made on experimental live betting, meaning betting on a match while the match is being played, but it hasn’t been approved in all states.

Either way, you’ll want to get the ‘work’ out of the way and have your account set up for game day, so you are not having to do it last minute before your Super Bowl Party.

Now is also a great time to set up your mobile betting account with many platforms running promotions and incentives to open new accounts. There are currently fourteen online/mobile sportsbooks licensed in New Jersey. Check out our four favorite mobile sportsbooks above and see which one is right for you.

Check the Latest Spreads and Game Odds

Locking in your bet early can be a make or break moment with the money line changing the closer we get to game day. Some people bet on a feeling (not saying that’s not good), but it is probably a little wiser to make informed bets, and the best way to become informed is to track the latest odds and predictions.

There is a nearly endless amount of content when it comes to Super Bowl predictions from articles to live sports commentary on TV. WSN runs a weekly odds and predictions segment with Vancouver’s famous Green Men. The Green Men factor in all the latest news and performances to make their predictions and they have a proven track record.

Search for the Most Interesting Prop Bets

Betting on the money line can make you rich but if you want to go even further then look to the Prop bets. Prop bets are bets on whether a specific action will occur or not.

Prop bets are interesting because you could be betting on anything from how many yards a certain player will carry the ball to whether so-and-so will wear their green shoes or not. These bets are in two categories, skilled prop bets or novelty prop bets. Skilled being the running yards and novelty being the green shoes.

Prop bets can be a lot of fun and are a way to make very specific bets. One of the most famous novelty prop bets being what color the Gatorade will be that gets dumped on the winners.

Diversify Your Wagers

We all know we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket, and it can be argued that you shouldn’t put all your money on one bet either. While it doesn’t make any sense to split your money 50/50 between two separate teams winning the same game it does make sense to spread out your bets at least a little.

Put some of your money on a relatively ‘safe’ bet and give a little to some risky ones as well. If you lose out on the risky bets, then your safe bet can still be secure. Check out those funny prop bets and you might just score big this Super Bowl Season.

Which Bets are Right for You

Not all of us are made of money, so if you only have $10 to lay down on the Super Bowl this year it maybe doesn’t make much sense to go for the safe bet if you’re only going to win fifty cents or less. However, if you are made of money and plan to bet $10,000.00 this year then maybe you should consider the safe bet.

Remember, it’s never wise to go all-in on a bet. Consider what bet amount is appropriate for you before finalizing your bets and good luck!

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