Top 10 Most Shocking and Hilarious Prop Bets of Super Bowl LIV

Written by: Mike Lukas
Updated October 14, 2022
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The 100th regular season of the NFL has ended, its playoffs have concluded and the two Super Bowl contenders have been decided for the fifty-fourth version of the league’s (and arguably the world’s) Biggest Game, with the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida on Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 pm.

This Super Bowl matchup promises to be an exciting battle of ground and air attacks against defenses already who have already proven themselves worthy, but this ultimate showdown is especially fun for football gamblers now that their second favorite pastime is widely legal and becoming more widespread.

There are plenty of straight-up bets you can place live or online (see below), but serious and just-for-fun Super Bowl gamblers know the real thrill of this game is in the prop bets that it produces from oddsmakers everywhere, who seem to have a decent sense of humor given some of these wagers.

For more on prop betting check out our video guide of: “What is Prop Betting – Guide to Proposition Bets“.

Which Bet’s For You?

Every season at WSN, we have put together a top-10 list of ridiculous Prop Bets, and because we respect the diverse nature of our wonderful readers, we have divided this year’s list into ten different categories that may appeal to different priorities and tastes (and humor).

As always, only gamble what you can afford to lose, but with these bets, it pays to spread your money around a bit, since you may not want to sink every penny of your fortunes on whether or not a singer will remember all of the lyrics of the National Anthem (see below).

Have fun with these shocking and ridiculous Super Bowl LIV prop bets (we sure did), and best of luck making a killing on whichever ones you decide to ‘invest’ in.

For more fun prop bets check out our video:

So, with all that being said, here are the top ten categories of shocking and ridiculous Super Bowl LIV prop bets that we could find.

Who knows, take a chance – Sunday could be your lucky day.

10) National Anthem Prop Bets

The National Anthem, aka “The Star-Spangled Banner,” is sung just before every NFL game, and for Super Bowl LIV it will be belted out by American singer Demi Lovato, who began her career back in 2002 appearing on the children’s television program “Barney and Friends.”

There are typically two bets made in this category – length of the anthem and whether or not the singer will forget any of the words, which happens more times than you would think, especially in front of an international audience like the Super Bowl attracts.

Lovato is 27-years old and has been on Disney television and in the movies, so you have to wonder if this event will be too big for her or if she’ll nail all the words to the song in her typical two minutes and eleven seconds, and if she can beat last year’s celebrity singer, Gladys Knight, who sang it in just a second over two minutes.

Current odds listed

  • Over 2 Minutes       -170
  • Under 2 Minutes    +130

*From the moment she sings the first word until she completes saying Brave for the first time.

9) Commercial Prop Bets

There are a lot of people who have not watched a second of the NFL all season who tune into the Super Bowl just for the commercials, which tend to be uber-creative (and often hilarious) multi-million-dollar projects that cost even more to air.

There are plenty of prop bets that involve the commercials, as in the order the brands mentioned and the overall number that will run during the broadcast, all fun bets to take, especially if you’re not exactly sure about which defense or offense has the better numbers.

Somebody must set the order of the commercials, but there must be an element of improvisation with the live broadcast that makes this bet worth it for oddsmakers to lay odds on, since (as you’ll see) the variety in this category is fairly extensive.

How Many Commercials Will Run During the Super Bowl?

  • Over 92.5       -125
  • Under 92.5    -115

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Budweiser or Bud Light/Bud Light Seltzer?

  • Budweiser                                    +120
  • Bud Light/Bud Light Seltzer     -160

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Coca-Cola Co. or Sodastream (Pepsico)?

  • Coca-Cola Co.                   -110
  • SodaStream (PepsiCo)    -130

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Cheetos or Heinz?

  • Cheetos (Frito-Lay)    +155
  • Heinz (Kraft Heinz)    -220

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Hyundai or Kia?

  • Hyundai    -220
  • Kia             +155

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Mountain Dew or Toyota?

  • Mountain Dew     -120
  • Toyota                   -120

bet365 banner

8) Donald Trump Prop Bets

The United States President Donald Trump may be facing an impeachment trial, but the oddsmakers are willing to bet that he will still weigh in on the Super Bowl using his preferred method of communicating with his peeps – Twitter.

There is also a bet as to whether he will actually show up to the game – not a bad one to take given how many NFL and college games he has already attended this season.

Respect the office, of course, but put your money on the current POTUS to make this international sporting event all about him.

Total Donald Trump Tweets on February 2

  • Over 13.5      +130
  • Under 13.5    -170

Will Donald Trump Attend the Game?

  • Yes    +250
  • No     -400

Will the Super Bowl Winner Visit the White House?

  • Yes    +150
  • No      -300

7) Stock Market Prop Bets

Yes, the Super Bowl is a big enough game to affect the United States Stock Market, or so the oddsmakers believe.

Here are four interesting bets you football-loving stock market experts can get in on, with odds being listed for every contingency.

It’s hard enough to bet on just football or just the stock market – how exciting it will be to test your luck against both.

What Will Be the Case on February 2, 2020, at S&P 500 Market Close?

  • Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Winners

And S&P 500 Index Closes Above Previous Close                +235

  • Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Winners

And S&P 500 Index Closes Below Previous Close                +240

  • San Francisco 49ers are Super Bowl Winners

And S&P 500 Index Closes Above Previous Close                +250

  • San Francisco 49ers are Super Bowl Winners
  • And S&P 500 Index Closes Below Previous Close   +260

6) Gatorade Bath Prop Bets

The first time a head coach was ever given a Gatorade bath was after Super Bowl XXI when the New York Giants beat the Denver Broncos by a score of 39-20 to conclude the 1986 NFL season.

Directly after the win, several Giants players decided to prank their head coach, Bill Parcells, by lovingly (and respectfully) dumping a cooler full of ice-cold Gatorade on his back, thus starting a tradition that continues to this day.

So now the oddsmakers have allowed us gamblers to bet on what color the ‘liquid’ will be that gets dumped on the back of the winning head coach. Only in America!

What Color Will the Liquid Be That Is Poured on the Game-Winning Coach?

  • Clear/Water                   +160
  • Lime/Green/Yellow      +350
  • Orange                            +400
  • Blue                                 +350
  • Red                                  +400
  • Purple                             +1200

5) Spoken Word Prop Bets

At a game as big as the Super Bowl, you can always count on someone saying something, and the oddsmakers are laying down odds on who is going to say what.

Whether it be on the air, after the game or through a tweet, there is a prop bet you can make on what somebody says.

Notice the variety of choices you have in this category – the direct result of the freedom of speech these announcers, players, and fans enjoy.

Who Will the Super Bowl MVP Mention First in His Speech?

  • Teammates                                            +160
  • God                                                          +190
  • Family or family member                    +400
  • City                                                          +850
  • Coach                                                      +1000
  • Owner                                                      +1200
  • Does not mention any of the above   +400

Check out also: “Who Will Be the 2020 NFL MVP?“.

DraftKings Super Bowl Promo 2020

Will Fox Broadcast Mention the Point Spread or Total During the Broadcast?

  • Yes    +215
  • No      -330

How Many Times Will the Announcers Reference That It’s Been 50 Years Since the Chiefs Won a Super Bowl?

  • Above 4     -200
  • Below 4     +320

4) Antonio Brown Prop Bets

Some NFL stars don’t even need to be on a football team anymore and they still get mentioned on lists like this one, and the perfect example of this is Antonio Brown.

For those football fans with a short memory, due to attitude, injury and occasional nuttiness, Brown has bounced around between a few teams this last year, from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders to the New England Patriots to no team at all.

AB loves his social media, so this prop bet may be a good one to put money on since chances are he’s going to have something to say on Twitter about the Super Bowl.

Will Antonio Brown Tweet During the Game?

  • Yes     -200
  • No     +150

3) New England Patriots Prop Bets

At long last, football fans get to enjoy a Super Bowl without the New England Patriots playing in it, a fun break for everyone except fans of the team, of course.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Tom Brady and his Pats won’t be brought up during the telecast, and that brings us to this odd and specific prop bet.

Tough to get through a Super Bowl telecast without bringing up the GOAT and his team, so you might want to break into your betting kitty for this one.

Will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman Say “Patriots”?

  • No     -300
  • Yes   +200

2) Athletes From a Different Sport Prop Bets

If there’s a huge sporting event going down, then chances are that some of the more affluent athletes from other sports will want to get a taste, and that’s typically true of famed boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather, who was known for placing huge bets on the Big Game, seemed to stop gambling on that event after his big Super Bowl 48 loss when he bet $10.4 million on the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks ended up winning 43-8. Whoops.

Supposedly, Mayweather has stopped gambling on the Super Bowl, but the oddsmakers seem to think that he could change his mind and put some big money down on this one.

Largest Wager by Floyd Mayweather?

  • Over $1 Million       -120
  • Under $1 Million     -120

1a) Halftime Show Prop Bets

There are plenty of prop bets involving the Super Bowl halftime entertainment, this year featuring pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

From the first songs performed to how many songs they’ll perform together, you can place your money on plenty of different half time aspects.

The prop bets listed in this category don’t have odds set just yet, but when they’re posted they’re fun bets to take.

First Jennifer Lopez Song Performed

  • Let’s Get Loud
  • On The Floor
  • Live It Up
  • Dinero
  • El Anillo
  • Get Right
  • Waiting For Tonight

First Shakira Song Performed

  • Whenever, Wherever
  • Dare (La La La)
  • La Tortura
  • Waka Waka
  • Loca
  • Hips Don’t Lie

How Many Songs Will Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Perform Together?

  • Over      1.5
  • Under    1.5

1b) In Love or Arrested Players Prop Bets

With the biggest NFL game of the season comes lots of excitement and just as much partying, so chances are some big moments will go down involving great choices and a more than a few bad ones.

Oddsmakers don’t think that any players will use the energy of the Super Bowl to ask their girlfriends to marry them, but stranger things have happened at NFL games.

And at big games, fans will totally let loose and often that leads to getting in trouble with the law, but will any of the players fall into the same trap?

Will Any Player Propose on the Field After the Game?

  • Yes     +500
  • No       -900

Will Any Player Be Arrested in Miami After the Game?

  • No      -2000
  • Yes    +750

Last but not least check out some of the game props.

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Game Props

Game to Go Overtime

Sportsbook Yes No
DraftKings +1000 -2500
888Sport NJ +1000 -2500

Team to Score the First Touchdown

Sportsbook 49ers Chiefs
SugarHouse NJ -108 -125
888Sport NJ -108 -125

Team to Call First Timeout

Sportsbook 49ers Chiefs
DraftKings -112 -112
888Sport NJ -112 -112

For loads of more fun Super Bowl prop bets head to the best sportsbooks in New Jersey: DraftKings Sportsbook, bet365 NJ, Unibet NJ, or 888Sport NJ.

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