Wise Kracks Ep. 35 March Madness Predictions, Howie Schwab Reveals His Final Four

Episode 35 of Wise Kracks is fresh off the press! Welcome back for another week of sports betting tips, strategy, and discussion. Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando are laser-focused this week on the NCAA tournament. Tune in this week for Krack’s take on which teams to watch!

NFL Free Agency

Jon and Krack start the show off talking about NFL free agents: Andy Dalton joins the Chicago Bears, Ryan Fitzpatrick goes to Washington, and Jameis Winston gets his chance with the New Orleans Saints. There’s lots of action to discuss here.

March Madness Betting Tips

The NCAA took every precaution this year to ensure the tournament happened in March. Fewer games were played and some were even canceled, but it was all worth it to have March Madness happen in 2021. This week, it was estimated that more than forty-seven million Americans are expected to make a bet on this tournament and you can imagine that the sportsbooks are bringing the action to meet the demand.

On WSN we got you covered with all the March Madness content you need, predictions, odds, bonuses and more. Take a look below.

Special Guest Howie Schwab

This week’s guest is returning to Wise Kracks for the second time. He’s known by many as “The Sultan of Sports Trivia”. He spent over 20 years at ESPN and is most famous for his segment called “Stump the Schwab”. He is also a contributor to Dick Vitale’s new book “The Lost Season”. Jon and Bill welcome back Howie Schwab!

Listen carefully to this week’s guest segment with Howie Schwab. Bill, Jon, and Howie discuss in detail many teams and predictions for March Madness. This includes Howie’s final four pick as well as sleeper teams to watch out for. We usually provide a pick with each episode of Wise Kracks, but we give you several in this week’s guest segment! We hope you enjoy it.

On WSN.com you are in the right place for promos, strategy guides, and excellent bonuses. Don’t forget about WSN’s detailed State Guides when planning your betting strategy. WSN is also currently running a free-to-play March Madness Pick ’em Contest for your chance to win up to $5800! Be sharp like the Krack man and use WSN.com in your sports betting strategy.

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