NFL Betting Lines - Where's the Value (Wise Kracks Ep. 47)

After last week’s big reunion in the studio in Vegas, this week’s episode was recorded with Bill beamed in directly from the hot and sticky Atlantic City. While Jon is back home in the desert, Bill has been hitting the casinos of the East Coast. He brings us all the big news from the other side of the US: how the high rollers get treated, meeting fans, and of course, where to get the best pastrami and cannoli outside of New York.

Aftermath of Paul vs Mayweather – Was it Worth it?

Bill gives us his take on the super fight, including why he thinks the public are running out of patience with these celebrity bouts. He gives some grudging props to Floyd for earning more than $350million since he retired by staging these kinds of fights, and the guys speculate on how easily he could have ended the fight if had truly wanted to.

Golf in the Age of Covid Updates and Hot Takes

The guys check on the covid situation after Jon Rahm provided us all with a timely reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet. The Spanish golfer had to withdraw from the Memorial Tournament with a six-stroke lead, after unexpectedly testing positive. The next stop on the PGA has also been relocated from Canada to South Carolina due to the ongoing situation north of the border. Bill and Jon discuss whether there is value in the favorites like DJ and Koepka.

NBA Playoffs Picks and Tips

Jon happily revisits his prediction from last week that the Suns were going to dispatch with the Lakers, and the guys discuss whether they could go all the way. There’s also some LeBron talk: did he show a lack of sportsmanship last week? Why do people root against the Lakers? And even an obligatory MJ goat comparison.

The guys talk about the newly released odds for teams to make the NFL Playoffs, and where you can find the best value right off the bat. Bill explains that even with what seems like a dead cert like the KC Chiefs, he just can’t get on board with laying 10-1 with so many variables still in play. He does like the look of the Cleveland Browns however at -225. They also talk about the early lines for the first round of games, and how acting fast can be the key to winning.

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