2019 American League (AL) Cy Young Award: Predictions and Odds

What is the Cy Young Award?

Awarded to the best pitcher in each of the MLB’s two leagues, the American and National, the Cy Young Award is the crowning success that a pitcher can obtain in Major League Baseball.

The award is special because it is a symbol of excellence that holds significant weight when a pitcher’s legacy is gauged by voters for the Hall of Fame at the end of the player’s career.

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How is the Cy Young Award Winner Decided?

The Cy Young Award is determined by a collection of baseball writers that each represent one team in the league they are assigned to vote.

These voters cast their selections by assigning a place for the pitchers they feel are worthy of the award.

Once their ballot is completed, voters have chosen a first through fifth place pitcher for the award in either the American or National League.

The votes are then tallied by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, who uses a weighted system to come up with the final totals and eventual winner of the award.

Although it has never happened since the award was given to each league beginning in 1967, if a tie should occur among two pitchers, then both hurlers will share the Cy Young Award for that season.

Who Has Won the Most Cy Young Awards?

Roger Clemens leads all of baseball with seven Cy Young Awards for three different American League teams. Clemens won Cy Young trophies for the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Yankees.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, most of the pitchers with multiple wins of the Cy Young Award, such as Randy Johnson (5 wins), Greg Maddux and Steve Carlton (4 each), all come from careers spent in the National League.

In the American League, Jim Palmer won three Cy Young Awards for the Baltimore Orioles. Pedro Martinez won three overall Cy Young titles but only two came with the Boston Red Sox.

Who are Recent Winners of the American League Cy Young Award?

Unlike the National League, the AL has seen a wide distribution of the Cy Young Award over the past decade. Only the Cleveland Indians’ Corey Kluber has won the award multiple times, taking the trophy home in 2014 and 2017.

A good indicator for the ultimate winner of the AL trophy is reaching the plateau of 20 wins as six of the last eight winning pitchers have reached the threshold.

Surprisingly, the only pitcher not to win 20 or more games over that span was Kluber who won 18 games in each of his award-winning seasons.

Last season, the left-handed Blake Snell broke out for the Tampa Bay Rays and won the 2018 AL Cy Young Award with a 21-5 record and a 1.89 ERA. Snell also struck out 221 batters on the year.

Who Are the Favorites to Win the 2019 AL Cy Young Award?

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Gerrit Cole

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As it stands there is no prohibitive favorite in the AL Cy Young race as two Astros’ teammates lead the odds in Vegas.

Houston’s Gerrit Cole shares the top spot with Justin Verlander, although Cole might have the flashier stats at the moment.

The big right-hander has already struck out 212 batters in his first 143.2 innings while posting a 2.94 ERA.

Cole has posted a 4.2 WAR, good for third in the American League behind the Texas Rangers’ Lance Lynn and the Tampa Bay Rays’ Charlie Morton, who will pop up on this list a little later.

The Astros’ hurler has a 12-5 record and according to the advanced metrics might be a little unlucky when it comes to home runs, so it is not out of the question that Cole posts even better numbers over the last two months of the season.

Justin Verlander 

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The 2011 AL Cy Young winner is continuing his probable Hall of Fame career with another fantastic season with Houston.

Verlander has thrown 151.2 innings in 23 starts and looks to be poised to throw his fourth straight season of 200 or more innings.

The workhorse has a 14-4 record and struck out an impressive 196 batters, not a bad tally for a 36-year old in the twilight of his career.

The advanced metrics say that Verlander hasn’t been as valuable as a handful of other pitchers in the American League but his numbers are strong and he plays for one of the best teams in the junior circuit.

Verlander also controversially finished second in the 2016 Cy Young voting when he was inexplicably left off of two ballots by writers in Tampa Bay, so there could be a sense of correcting a previous wrong among voters.

Charlie Morton 

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Allowed to leave via free agency from Houston, Morton has continued his late-career renaissance in Tampa Bay for the Rays.

With a record of 12-3, he has posted similar numbers to Verlander but with slightly fewer innings. His inability to go deep into games could ultimately cause Morton to stay in third in the AL race.

Through his first 23 starts this season, Morton has 165 strikeouts in 136 innings and more impressively, only allowed ten homers. The righty has also posted a 2.78 ERA, good for second in the AL behind Verlander.

Shane Bieber

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If there is a true dark horse in the AL Cy Young contest, it could be Shane Bieber, the 2019 All-Star Game MVP.

In just his first full season, Bieber has become the ace in Cleveland with a 3.40 ERA and a 10-4 record.

One of the reasons that Bieber should get consideration is because of the race in the AL Central.

Earlier this season it looked as if the Minnesota Twins were going to run away with the division but the Indians have closed the gap in part due to the stability of Bieber’s pitching.

If the Indians pull off the comeback and win the American League Central, then Bieber could garner some support if he continues to pitch well.

Who Will Win the 2019 American League Cy Young Award?

There is little debate that the AL Cy Young Award will most likely come down to the two Houston pitchers, Cole and Verlander.

If Cole has a slight edge over Verlander it could be the significant strikeout numbers that Cole has put up thus far. Those totals will be something to look at over August as a possible indicator for the ultimate winner.

Verlander does have a long history, plus, don’t discount the possibility that some voters will want to reward the 2011 winner for his controversial loss in 2016.

If either pitcher should falter, look for Morton and Bieber to be there to pick up the scraps and possibly pull off the upset.

2019 American League Cy Young Award Winner – Odds

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Giolito, Lucas+1700
Lynn, Lance+2200
Minor, Mike+2200
Odorizzi, Jake+2500
Boyd, Matthew+4000
Snell, Blake+5000
Clevinger, Mike+6600
German, Domingo+6600
Gibson, Kyle+6600
Price, David+8000
Rodriguez, Eduardo+12500
Chapman, Aroldis+15000
Fiers, Mike+15000
Paxton, James+15000
Tanaka, Masahiro+15000
Gonzales, Marco+25000
Hand, Brad+25000
Osuna, Roberto+25000

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