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The Least and Most Popular NFL Teams on Social Media 2023

Most Popular Nfl Teams

Being an avid NFL fan before computers must have taken a lot of effort, with team and game information only available in the daily newspaper or in books and magazines from the library.

Nowadays, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with your football team.

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Here’s What We Did…

We’ve accumulated and totaled the Facebook page likes, Twitter followers and Instagram followers of all thirty-two NFL teams and ranked them from most popular to least popular.

And just for fun, for each team we’ve added a few more tidbits of information (average stadium ticket price and home attendance) so you can get a better idea of how they rank in other areas of popularity, as well.

We have updated this page for 2020 and compared the results to 2019 so you can see whether you team has moved up or down the rankings in the last 12 months.

Have fun comparing and contrasting your NFL team’s results with all the others – the results are mind boggling.

NFL Averages

To give you an even better idea of where each team’s numbers stand, here are the NFL averages for the three main stats we used:

Average number of Facebook page likes: 2,822,125

Average number of Twitter followers: 1,690,406

Average number of Instagram followers: 1,264,344

NFL Teams Ranked by Social Media Following

In the table below you will find all 32 NFL teams ranked according to how popular they are on social media.

You will find a more detailed analysis of each team below where we have also included information on average ticket price and average home attendance for the sake of comparison.

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RankTeamFacebook Page LikesTwitter FollowersInstagram FollowersTotal
1 (—)Dallas Cowboys8,558,0003,731,0003,200,00015,489,000
2 (—)New England Patriots7,035,0004,279,0004,100,00015,414,000
3 (—)Pittsburgh Steelers6,333,0003,329,0002,300,00011,962,000
4 (—)Green Bay Packers5,303,0002,211,0001,800,0009,314,000
5 (⬆4)Seattle Seahawks3,917,0002,323,0002,300,0008,540,000
6 (⬆6)Philadelphia Eagles3,237,0003,247,0001,900,0008,384,000
7 (⬇2)Denver Broncos4,200,0002,641,0001,200,0008,041,000
8 (⬇2)San Francisco 49ers4,091,0002,040,0001,700,0007,831,000
9 (⬆1)New York Giants3,825,0001,795,0001,900,0007,520,000
10 (⬆3)Carolina Panthers2,313,0002,955,0001,600,0006,868,000
11 (⬇3)New Orleans Saints4,038,0001,306,0001,400,0006,744,000
12 (⬇5)Chicago Bears3,974,0001,661,0001,100,0006,735,000
13 (⬇2)Las Vegas Raiders3,341,0001,549,0001,500,0006,390,000
14 (⬆5)Atlanta Falcons1,987,0002,309,0001,000,0005,296,000
15 (⬆2)Houston Texans2,177,0001,817,0001,200,0005,194,000
16 (⬇2)Baltimore Ravens2,289,0001,442,0001,000,0004,731,000
17 (⬆1)Minnesota Vikings2,157,0001,238,000911,0004,306,000
18 (⬇3)Miami Dolphins2,242,000973,000964,0004,179,000
19 (⬆4)Kansas City Chiefs1,787,0001,135,0001,000,0003,922,000
20 (—)Washington Redskins1,901,0001,256,000725,0003,882,000
21 (⬆1)Detroit Lions1,857,0001,323,000675,0003,855,000
22 (⬇6)Indianapolis Colts2,175,000981,000643,0003,799,000
23 (⬇2)New York Jets1,859,0001,227,000697,0003,783,000
24 (⬆2)Cleveland Browns1,310,0001,026,0001,100,0003,436,000
25 (—)Arizona Cardinals1,435,000910,000728,0003,073,000
26 (⬇2)Los Angeles Chargers1,527,000808,000437,0002,772,000
27 (⬆3)Los Angeles Rams861,000739,000940,0002,540,000
28 (⬆2)Buffalo Bills907,000946,000596,0002,449,000
29 (⬇2)Cincinnati Bengals1,140,000807,000441,0002,388,000
30 (⬇2)Tennessee Titans970,000714,000470,0002,154,000
31 (⬇2)Tampa Bay Buccaneers931,000748,000438,0002,117,000
32 (—)Jacksonville Jaguars631,000627,000494,0001,752,000

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 631,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 627,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 494,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 63,085 (22nd) (⬇5)
  • Home stadium:  TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $81.54 (30th) (—)

The 2019 Jacksonville Jaguars finished the season 6-10 and in fourth place of the AFC South.

The Jags have hired former Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden as their offensive coordinator in 2020, his main job to continue getting young quarterback Gardner Minshew acclimated to playing in the NFL.

One huge offseason pickup for Jacksonville on defense is the signing of middle linebacker Joe Schobert, a steady tackler who proved to be a team leader on the Cleveland Browns for many seasons until they could no longer afford his services.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 931,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 748,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 438,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 51,898 (30th) (—)
  • Home stadium: Raymond James Stadium
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $82.59 (28th) (⬇4)

The 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished the season 7-9 and in third place of the NFC South.

Don’t expect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to remain in the Facebook basement for too long now that they have acquired GOAT quarterback Tom Brady to complete a team that last season often looked just a decent quarterback away from being postseason worthy.

The Bucs have the 14th pick of the upcoming NFL Draft, and most mocks have them snagging whatever offensive tackles is left on the board in a tackle-rich class that has many teams with earlier picks (including the Arizona Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns) drooling.

30) Tennessee Titans

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 970,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 714,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 470,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 64,509 (21st) (⬆1)
  • Home stadium: Nissan Stadium in Houston, TX
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $86.33 (24th) (⬆4)

The 2019 Tennessee Titans finished the season 9-7 and in second place of the AFC South but were beaten in the AFC Championship round by the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 24-35.

The Titans have had a relatively calm offseason so far, an indication that they are content to keep their team as is, including quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who seems to have claimed a new life in Tennessee after struggling to find a new home after Miami.

The one thing the Titans could still use is a solid tight end who is both a solid blocker and a reliable pass catcher, with Jonnu Smith and Anthony Firkser currently filling that role in Tennessee.

29) Cincinnati Bengals

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,140,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 807,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 441,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 47,179 (31st) (—)
  • Home stadium: Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $77.41 (30th) (⬇3)

The 2019 Cincinnati Bengals finished the season 2-14 (worst in the league) and in fourth place of the AFC North.

All will be good (or so they hope) once the Bengals draft their future franchise quarterback, LSU’s Joe Burrow, who threw for 60 touchdowns last season in college, compared to the 16 passing touchdowns that Cincinnati posted last season.

Even with snagging the best arm in the draft, there is still a whole lot wrong with the Bengals, and it might take a while to fill all those holes, though also having the first pick of the second round could go a long way for the Bengals if they can grab another superstar.

28) Buffalo Bills

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 907,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 946,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 596,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 68,839 (16th) (⬆5)
  • Home stadium: New Era Field in Orchard Park, NY
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $71.08 (32nd) (⬇1)

The 2019 Buffalo Bills finished the season 10-6 and in second place of the AFC East but were beaten in the Wild Card playoff round by the Houston Texans in overtime by a score of 19-22.

So far the Bills have used the offseason to give themselves more talent on both sides of the ball, bringing in defensive end Mario Addison to lend help to the other quarterback hunter on the team, Jerry Hughes.

The biggest Buffalo get, however, has to be the signing of talented free agent wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who now gives the team and quarterback Josh Allen a legitimate deep threat who will hopefully pull most double-teams away from the Bills’ other main receivers, John Brown and Cole Beasley.

27) Los Angeles Rams

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 861,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 739,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 940,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 71,229 (11th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $118.09 (6th) (⬆3)

The 2019 Los Angeles Rams finished the season 9-7 and in third place of the NFC West.

The Rams will most likely use the draft to continue to solid up their offensive line that was decimated by season ending injuries during the 2019 season, including to left guard Joe Noteboom, who suffered both ACL and MCL injuries in Week 6, and center Brian Allen, whose season ended prematurely with an MCL issue.

L.A. has already signed free agent tackle Andrew Whitworth this offseason, but as for the upcoming NFL Draft, they won’t have a pick until the second round, where the O-line talent could be running thin since so many other franchises with earlier picks have similar positional needs.

26) Los Angeles Chargers

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,527,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 808,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 437,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 31,750 (32nd) (—)
  • Home stadium: Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $165.77 (1st) (—)

The 2019 Los Angeles Chargers finished the season 5-11 and in fourth place of the AFC West.

Which explains why, after sixteen seasons, the Bolts finally decided to move on from veteran quarterback Philip Rivers and take their chances with either journeyman Tyrod Taylor or whichever young stud they can snag with their 6th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Currently, most mocks have the best two quarterbacks in the draft, Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa, gone in the top five picks, so that would leave (arguably) the third best, Oregon’s Justin Herbert, for Los Angeles to pick to begin a (hopefully) long reign under center there.

25) Arizona Cardinals

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,435,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 910,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 728,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 61,323 (27th) (⬇2)
  • Home stadium: State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $84.83 (25th) (—)

The 2019 Arizona Cardinals finished the season 5-10 and in fourth place of the NFC West.

Like the Browns, the Cardinals have a young quarterback that could use far more protection, so most mocks have them using their 8th pick in the first round selecting whichever the best tackle on the board at that time is.

This team vastly improved under new coach Kliff Kingsbury last season, and as he and his young quarterback savant Kyler Murray continue to get used to the NFL, expect that growth (and improving win/loss record) to continue even further in 2020.

24) Cleveland Browns

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,310,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,026,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,100,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 67,431 (17th) (⬆2)
  • Home stadium: FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $73.91 (32nd) (—)

The 2019 Cleveland Browns finished the season 6-10 and in third place of the AFC North.

The Browns suffered from an incredible lack of leadership last season under first time head coach Freddie Kitchens, so it will be interesting to see all that talent they have being driven by a different person, this time Kevin Stefanski.

The key to this offseason for the Browns is to get better protection for quarterback Baker Mayfield, which they have done by using free agency, snapping up tackle Jack Conklin, and should by using their 10th overall pick in the upcoming draft, which is said to be tackle heavy.

23) New York Jets

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,859,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,227,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 697,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 78,523 (2nd) (—)
  • Home stadium: MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $94.16 (29th) (⬇10)

The 2019 New York Jets finished the season 7-9 and in third place of the AFC East.

To help better protect New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold (he was sacked 33 times in 13 games last season), the front office signed free agent offensive tackle George Fant to a three-year deal in the offseason, a nice pickup for the foreseeable future.

The Jets can now use their eleventh pick of the draft to focus on getting Darnold a deep threat target like Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, considered the best at his position in this draft class, an instant starter whose speed would attract extra defensive attention, freeing up the middle of the field for the others.

22) Indianapolis Colts

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 2,175,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 981,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 643,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 61,110 (28th) (—)
  • Home stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $93.62 (21st) (⬇1)

The 2019 Indianapolis Colts finished the season 7-9 and in third place of the AFC South.

The Colts could get even more popular on Facebook in 2020 if they can do what the Chargers have failed to do for over the last decade and a half, which is find a way to get to the Super Bowl with Philip Rivers under center.

What could help is the trade they just made with the San Francisco 49ers, who they gave their first round pick in the 2020 draft (13th overall) for defensive tackle DeForest Buckner, who had 28.5 sacks, 74 quarterback hits, 3 forced fumbles, 7 fumble recoveries and 263 total tackles in just four seasons with the Niners.

21) Detroit Lions

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,857,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,323,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 675,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 61,342 (26th) (⬇2)
  • Home stadium: Ford Field in Detroit, MI
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $92.88 (22nd) (⬇1)

The 2019 Detroit Lions finished the season 3-12 and in fourth place of the NFC North.

One reason the Lions did so poorly in 2019 was because their 31st ranked defense allowed opponents to score an average of 26.4 points per game, so with their third pick overall in the draft, many mocks have them selecting Ohio State star cornerback Jeff Okudah.

The other option is to let some quarterback hungry team (like the Chargers or the Raiders) trade up for the pick in order to snag Tagovailoa before the Dolphins do, but it would be tough to pass on Okudah, who last season as a Buckeye had 3 interceptions, 9 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles and 35 total tackles.

20) Washington Redskins

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,901,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,256,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 725,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 65,488 (20th) (⬆7)
  • Home stadium: FedExField in Landover, MD
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $103.39 (17th) (⬇14)

The 2019 Washington Redskins finished the season 3-13 and in fourth place of the NFC East.

With new head coach Ron Rivera, the Skins will attempt to earn their 20th ranked Facebook popularity with more wins, the franchise with single digit win totals for all but two seasons in the last two decades.

Washington’s 27th ranked defense could get a huge boost this draft if the team does what most mocks have them doing with the third overall pick, which is selecting Ohio State EDGE rusher Chase Young, arguably the best overall athlete in this draft class.

19) Kansas City Chiefs

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,787,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,135,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,000,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 73,465 (6th) (—)
  • Home stadium: Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $83.40 (27th) (⬆2)

The 2019 Kansas City Chiefs finished the season 12-4 and in first place of the AFC West and won three straight playoff games, including Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-20.

Seems like the Champion Chiefs would be more popular than 23rd on Facebook, but they haven’t been good for long, so give head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes and company a few more seasons like the last one and the team should get plenty more likes.

Kansas City has had a fairly quiet offseason (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) and plenty of mocks have them spending their first-round draft pick (32nd overall) on adding depth to their roster, possibly on the offensive line or with a young EDGE rusher.

18) Miami Dolphins

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 2,242,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 973,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 964,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 63,067 (23rd) (⬇3)
  • Home stadium: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $84.51 (26th) (⬇3)

The 2019 Miami Dolphins finished the season 5-11 and in fourth place of the AFC East.

The Dolphins have set themselves up nicely to use the upcoming NFL Draft to snag the young talent they need, right now with three picks in the first round alone – the 5th, the 18th and the 26th.

Most mocks have the Dolphins snagging quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick but until he’s ready to play, they have veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick and third-year player Josh Rosen to start under center.

Those other two first round picks could be used to start building up the offensive and defensive lines with instant starters like South Carolina’s interior lineman Javon Kinlaw and Houston offensive lineman Josh Jones, assuming either is still left on the board when it’s Miami’s turn.

17) Minnesota Vikings

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 2,157,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,238,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 911,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 66,849 (18th) (⬇2)
  • Home stadium: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $103.98 (15th) (⬆2)

The 2019 Minnesota Vikings finished the season 10-6 and in second place of the NFC North but were beaten in the Divisional playoff round by the eventual NFC champions, the San Francisco 49ers, by a score of 10-27.

The Minnesota Vikings offense was ranked 16th last season, but there’s a new coordinator in charge, Gary Kubiak, who was internally promoted from being the Vikings offensive ‘advisor’ last season.

The Vikings could use another great year from quarterback Kirk Cousins, who finished 2019 with a career high passer rating of 107.4 after completing about 70 percent of his passes for the last two seasons in a row.

16) Baltimore Ravens

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 2,289,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,442,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,000,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 70,627 (12th) (—)
  • Home stadium: M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $103.59 (16th) (⬇10)

The 2019 Baltimore Ravens finished the season 14-2 and in first place of the AFC North but were beaten in the Divisional playoff round by the Tennessee Titans by a score of 12-28.

The Ravens have gotten even more popular on Facebook lately ever since quarterback Lamar Jackson showed up a couple of seasons ago.

With his ability to run with the ball and throw it if he must, Jackson has reinvented the way the RPO strategy is executed and has led his Ravens to the postseason both years he has been on the team.

15) Houston Texans

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 2,177,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,817,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,200,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 71,793 (9th) (⬆2)
  • Home stadium: NRG Stadium in Houston, TX
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $115.24 (9th) (⬆2)

The 2019 Houston Texans finished the season 10-6 and in first place of the AFC South but were beaten in the Divisional playoff round by the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 31-51.

Head coach Bill Obrien has taken the Texans to the playoffs for the last two seasons (the team’s been to the postseason in four of the six years he’s been in charge) so he and quarterback Deshaun Watson now expect even more.

What could help Houston get further in the playoffs this season is the trade their front office just made with the Dolphins – some current and future draft picks for tackle Laremy Tunsil and wide receiver Kenny Stills, two veteran playmakers ready to contribute on day one.

14) Atlanta Falcons

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 1,987,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 2,309,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,000,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 71,601 (10th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $104.08 (14th) (⬆1)

The 2019 Atlanta Falcons finished the season 7-9 and in second place of the NFC South.

The Atlanta Falcons’ pass defense is ranked in the bottom third of the league (22nd) so many mocks have them beefing up their secondary with the second-best cornerback in this draft class, C.J. Henderson.

The 6’1”, 204-pound Henderson has the ideal size and speed to cover big time receivers, and his 6 interceptions and 20 passes defended in three seasons with Florida prove he can make the huge plays under pressure.

13) Las Vegas Raiders

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 3,341,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,549,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,500,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 52,549 (29th) (—)
  • 2019 home stadium: Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum
  • 2020 home stadium: Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $87.78 (23rd) (⬆3)

The 2019 Oakland Raiders finished the season 7-9 and in third place of the AFC West.

Looks like the Raiders are double downing on quarterback Derek Carr, who is still there but who will now have to directly compete with backup Marcus Mariota, the former starter for the Tennessee Titans just added in the offseason.

With two first round picks in the draft, some mocks have the Raiders taking a quarterback with the 12th pick (the best of whoever’s left – Justin Herbert or Jordan Love?) while saving their 19th pick to add depth to their secondary, maybe with a cornerback like Jeff Gladney or Kristian Fulton, depending on who’s still available.

12) Chicago Bears

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 3,974,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,661,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,100,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 61,916 (25th) (⬆1)
  • Home stadium: Soldier Field in Chicago, IL
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $124.51 (3rd) (⬆5)

The 2019 Chicago Bears finished the season 8-8 and in third place of the NFC North.

Looks as though the Bears will be going with Mitch Trubisky again, but this time with a new offensive coordinator, Bill Lazor, who held that same job for the Bengals for the 2017-2018 season.

With no picks in the first round, the Bears will have to use one of their second round picks to snag whichever the best quarterback is still left on the board, like a Jacob Eason from Washington or a Jordan Love from Utah State if they’re lucky.

11) New Orleans Saints

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 4,038,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,306,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,400,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 73,082 (7th) (⬆1)
  • Home stadium: Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $97.72 (19th) (⬆3)

The 2019 New Orleans Saints finished the season 13-3 and in first place of the NFC South but were beaten in the Wild Card playoff round by the Minnesota Vikings in overtime by a score of 20-26.

With over four million Facebook likes, the New Orleans Saints are the seventh most popular NFL team, and for that, credit their much beloved leader, quarterback (and future Hall of Famer) Drew Brees.

The Saints may not want utility quarterback Taysom Hill to serve as Brees’ backup – that role is far too limiting for someone with as diverse a skillset as Hill has – so look for the Saints to still grab a free agent to serve in that role.

10) Carolina Panthers

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 2,313,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 2,955,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,600,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 72,220 (8th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $99.77 (18th) (⬇8)

The 2019 Carolina Panthers finished the season 5-11 and in fourth place of the NFC South.

2020 could be an interesting season for the Carolina Panthers, now essentially without Cam Newton under center but giving the talented former New Orleans Saints backup Teddy Bridgewater a shot at his own team to lead.

Best not to forget this team has knockout punch running back Christian McCaffrey, and with some more depth in his front line (maybe from the draft with their first round pick, 7th overall) and a quarterback who can stay healthy, this Panthers team could definitely contend.

9) New York Giants

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 3,825,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 1,795,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,900,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 74,664 (5th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $115.31 (8th) (⬇3)

The 2019 New York Giants finished the season 4-12 and in third place of the NFC East.

Most mocks have the Giants snagging linebacker Isaiah Simmons, the 6’4”, 238-pound beast from Clemson whose speed and size make him way more than just a linebacker on defense.

Young quarterback Danny Jones will continue to take snaps under center for the 10th most popular team on Facebook, the team looking to possibly draft him some protection at the top of the second round.

8) San Francisco 49ers

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 4,091,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 2,040,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,700,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 70,305 (13th) (⬆1)
  • Home stadium: Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $116.98 (7th) (⬇3)

The 2019 San Francisco 49ers finished the season 13-3 and in first place of the NFC West and went all the way to Super Bowl LIV but were beaten by the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 20-31.

San Fran is the sixth most popular NFL team on Facebook – but that could change depending on if they suffer the post-Super Bowl slump in 2020 or continue right where they left off.

The 49ers got an extra first round pick from the Colts (13th overall, see above) and will most likely use that to score a huge playmaking target for Garoppolo, maybe a receiver like CeeDee Lamb or Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy, depending on who’s still available at that time.

7) Denver Broncos

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 4,200,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 2,641,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,200,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 75,937 (4th) (⬆1)
  • Home stadium: Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver, CO
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $105.14 (12th) (⬆4)

The 2019 Denver Broncos finished the season 7-9 and in second place of the AFC West.

According to most accounts, the Broncos are set on quarterback Drew Lock, so that frees them up to use the draft to snag him a decent target, like maybe Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy, if he’s still available with the fifteenth pick.

Denver picked up running back Melvin Gordan in the offseason, hoping his veteran presence will give them a solid ground game they can begin to count on, their rushing attack ranked only 20th last season.

6) Philadelphia Eagles

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 3,237,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 3,247,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,900,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 69,783 (14th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $119.59 (5th) (⬆8)

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the 2019 season 9-7 and in first place of the NFC East but were beaten in the Wild Card playoff round by the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 9-17.

This Philadelphia team struggled to get everything they got last season, including the playoffs, and it was only because the Dallas Cowboys failed to take advantage of the situation in the NFC East that the Eagles even got to play any football in January.

Some mocks have Philly using their 21st pick to snag a young target for Carson Wentz (someone like LSU’s Justin Jefferson, assuming studs like Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs and CeeDee Lamb are already taken), which wouldn’t be all that bad a pick considering how questionably healthy their receivers room was all last season.

5) Seattle Seahawks

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 3,917,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 2,323,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 2,300,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 68,990 (15th) (—)
  • Home stadium: CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $111.79 (10th) (⬆8)

The 2019 Seattle Seahawks finished the season 11-5 and in second place of the NFC West but were beaten in the Divisional playoff round by the Green Bay Packers by a score of 23-28.

Assuming defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is gone, the Seahawks will be looking to make more moves to add depth to the defense like the one they did to get free agent linebacker Irvin Bruce.

Bruce is a 32-year old veteran who actually started his NFL career with the Hawks back in 2012 and who is comfortable chasing down opposing quarterbacks, with 52 career sacks in eight seasons.

4) Green Bay Packers

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 5,303,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 2,211,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 1,800,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 77,845 (3rd) (—)
  • Home stadium: Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $122.68 (4th) (⬆8)

The 2019 Green Bay Packers finished the season 13-3 and in first place of the NFC North but were beaten in the NFC Championship playoff round by the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 20-37.

Despite an eventless offseason, the locally owned Packers remain in the top five of this list with well over five million Facebook likes.

They predicted young head coach Matt LaFleur and crusty veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers would conflict, but instead they showed life in the postseason and almost took it all the way to the Super Bowl.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 6,333,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 3,329,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 2,300,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 62,237 (24th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $104.60 (13th) (⬆1)

The 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers finished the season 8-8 and in second place of the AFC North.

Some of the hideously hairy pictures of Big Ben Roethlisberger aside, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the third most popular NFL team on Facebook and not even a revolving 2019 season under center couldn’t phase that.

With Roethlisberger returning to his rightful starting spot, the AFC North will now be home to three solid quarterbacks (four if the Bengals take Burrow and he ends ups being able to play at the next level) so expect some exciting football matchups from that division in 2020.

2) New England Patriots

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 7,035,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 4,279,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 4,100,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 65,753 (19th) (⬇1)
  • Home stadium: Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $127.04 (2nd) (—)

The 2019 New England Patriots finished the season 12-4 and in first place of the AFC East but were beaten in the Wild Card playoff round by the Tennessee Titans by a score of 13-20.

It will be interesting to see how the Pats’ Facebook popularity is affected by the loss of the GOAT, but if head coach Bill Belichick can still find a way to win in the postseason, don’t expect any New England fans to wander far.

The Patriots like the young Jarrett Stidham as their new starting quarterback, so it will be fun to watch how Belichick builds the team around his skills and how far that will take them in 2020.

1) Dallas Cowboys

  • 2020 Facebook page likes: 8,558,000
  • 2020 Twitter followers: 3,731,000
  • 2020 Instagram followers: 3,200,000
  • 2019 average home attendance (NFL rank): 90,929 (1st) (—)
  • Home stadium: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX
  • 2019 average ticket price (NFL rank): $110.27 (11th) (⬇4)

The 2019 Dallas Cowboys, still considered by many as ‘America’s Team,’ finished the season 8-8 and in second place of the NFC East.

With a new / used head coach, Mike McCarthy, and a new defensive coordinator, Mike Nolan, in the house, there is now officially no excuse for a team this talented to not make the playoffs every season.

Of course, that assumes that eventually owner / general manager Jerry Jones will come to terms with quarterback Dak Prescott, who can only be kept around with a franchise tag (now worth $33 million) for so long.

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