The NFC East 2019-20 NFL Season - Odds and Predictions

The NFC East is the only NFL division that is completely filled with former Super Bowl Champions, but the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboy, New York Giants and Washington Redskins have spent this offseason getting ready to put on another ring.

The Eagles keep getting close, but their quarterback can’t stay healthy, while the Cowboys are counting on an un-retired future Hall-of-Famer to save the day, and meanwhile the Giants and the Redskins are just trying to get back into serious contention with shifting rosters due to injuries and questionable trades.

There’s always a good chance that more than one of the teams from the NFC East will play in the postseason, and here we take a closer look at the history of this highly successful division as well as the odds and predictions of its teams’ upcoming 2019 season.

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For the NFL newbies, what exactly is the NFC East?

If you’re just learning about the NFL, here’s a quick primer on how the league divides its teams based on the regions where each resides in order to build a balanced and fair schedule.

The National Football League (NFL) formed in 1920 and faced competition from many other leagues until 1966, when the NFL finally merged with the fourth American Football League (AFL) and held the very first Super Bowl at the end of that season.

Beginning in 2002, after realigning and adding some expansion teams over the years, the NFL now has thirty-two teams that are split into two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Each of those two conferences is then split up into four divisions – North, South, East and West – with four teams in each, and in this article, we will be focusing on the NFC East, which officially began in 1970 when the NFL/AFL merger was completed and included, in addition to its four current teams, the St. Louis Cardinals, who became the Phoenix and now the Arizona Cardinals, now part of the NFC West since 2002.

The teams of the NFC East are:

  1. Dallas Cowboys, who play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
  2. New York Giants, who play at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey
  3. Philadelphia Eagles, who play at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Washington Redskins, who play at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland

Which team has the most Divisional titles?

The Dallas Cowboys have won the most divisional titles (24):

  • NFL Eastern titles – 1
  • NFL Capitol titles – 3
  • NFC East titles – 20

The New York Giants are next with 22 divisional titles:

  • NFL Eastern titles – 14
  • NFC East titles – 8

The Washington Redskins are next with 14 divisional titles:

  • NFL Eastern titles – 6
  • NFC East titles – 8

The Philadelphia Eagles are last with 13 divisional titles:

  • NFL Eastern titles – 3
  • NFC East titles – 10

Which NFC East team has the most Lombardi Trophies?

The NFC East is the only NFL division containing four current teams that have each one at least one Super Bowl championship.

The Dallas Cowboys, who have won eight NFC championships, have turned those into five Super Bowl wins: VI in 1971, XII in 1977, XXVII in 1992, XXVIII in 1993 and XXX in 1995.

The New York Giants, who have won five NFC championships, turned those into four Super Bowl wins: XXI in 1986, XXV in 1990, XLII in 2007 and XLVI in 2011.

Next are the Washington Redskins, who also won five NFC championships and turned those into three Super Bowl wins: XVII in 1982, XXII in 1987 and XXVI in 1991.

And last are the Philadelphia Eagles, who won three NFC championships and turned those into one Super Bowl win: LII in 2017.

How many Super Bowl rings has the NFC East won?

The NFC East has won the most Super Bowls out of all the NFL divisions with a combined thirteen Super Bowl Championships.

The NFL divisions with the least amount of Super Bowl rings are the NFC and AFC South, with two Super Bowl rings apiece.

The NFC has won 27 total Super Bowls, while the AFC has won 26.

How did the NFC East do in 2018?

 Dallas Cowboys – y1060
 Philadelphia Eagles – x970
 Washington Redskins790
 New York Giants5110

The NFC East produced two playoff teams, with the Cowboys being the fourth seed and the Eagles being the number six seed, with both teams having to play in the Wild Card round.

The Cowboys beat the Seattle Seahawks in a close one, 24-22, but couldn’t defeat the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round, losing by a score of 22-30.

The Eagles also advanced to the Divisional round after narrowly defeating the Chicago Bears 16-15 in the Wild Card game, but they fell to the New Orleans Saints, 14-20, ending their season without another ring.

What are the odds and predictions of the NFC East in 2019?

Of the four NFC East teams, the Philadelphia Eagles have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl next season (+1300), then come the Dallas Cowboys (+2200), the New York Giants (+6000) and then the Washington Redskins (+10000).

When it comes to the NFC Championship, again the Eagles have the edge (+500), with the Cowboys (+1100), the Giants (+2800) and the Redskins (+4000) trailing a lot farther behind.

Here’s how the NFC East is predicted to rank during the 2019-20 season, including the odds of who will end up in first place of the division:

4) New York Giants

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General manager David Gettleman has turned some heads this offseason, first by trading away arguably one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, Odell Beckham Jr., to the Cleveland Browns, and then by signing almost three dozen free agents and selecting ten more young players in this year’s draft.

Some experts have accused Gettleman of overdrafting on the first of those picks (6th overall), Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, who, despite being what appears to be the perfect understudy to the current franchise man, Eli Manning, many thought would still be there for the Giants’ second first round pick at seventeenth overall.

Whether newly signed receiver Golden Tate will be able to fill Beckham’s hot shoes will be almost as important as whether the rookie offensive MVP running back Saquon Barkley can repeat his record breaking first NFL season.

The 38-year-old Manning will most likely have a short leash in New York this season, so expect to hear Giants’ fans calling for Jones the second it looks like the old former Super Bowl MVP can’t handle the load anymore.

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3) Washington Redskins

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Washington Redskins veteran quarterback Case Keenum will get a second chance this season after going 6-10 with the Denver Broncos in 2018, but if he can’t find the same magic he demonstrated with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017, then celebrated rookie first-rounder Dwayne Haskins is right there behind him, ready to take over the reins.

General manager Doug Williams had to scramble for quarterbacks this offseason after it was revealed that veteran franchise man Alix Smith will most likely be out for the entire 2019 season while he continues to recover from his broken leg that has undergone ‘devastating complications’.

The other big get in the first-round of the NFL Draft for Williams was defensive end Montez Sweat, a First-Team All-American who had 12  sacks last season for Mississippi State and who will line up on the left side of the line next to All Rookie nose tackle Da’Ron Payne, who had 5 sacks last season for the Redskins.

After three seasons of finishing in third place of the NFC East and no playoff spots in the same amount of time, head coach Jay Gruden needs to control the quarterback chaos and find more wins if he expects to keep his job in Washington much longer.

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2) Dallas Cowboys

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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones didn’t do much to his roster this offseason, though he did manage to sign wide receiver Randall Cobb, a nice addition (when healthy) to the main man and reason Jones had no first round pick this draft, Amari Cooper.

Coach Jason Garrett’s Cowboys had a 22nd ranked offense and a 7th ranked defense last season, yet Jones spent five of his eight draft picks on defensive talent, with two of the other three selections going towards running backs, possibly to give All-Pro Ezekiel Elliott some backup so he can occasionally catch his breath during games.

The big news in Dallas this offseason was when retired future Hall-of-Famer tight end turned broadcaster Jason Witten announced that he would be hanging up his headset and taking another stab at the ever-elusive Lombardi Trophy that’s thus far been out of his reach.

These Cowboys are led by third-year quarterback Dak Prescott, who last season threw for the most yards in his career (3,885) while being sacked the most times ever (56), and now he’ll be working with new offensive coordinator Kellen More, so (one way or the other) this could be a highly transitional season all around in Arlington.

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1) Philadelphia Eagles

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Looks like the football world gets to see if Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback Carson Wentz is actually capable of staying healthy for a full season, because he no longer has Nick Foles, the best backup in the NFL and former Super Bowl MVP, waiting to fill in for him whenever he goes down.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman spent the offseason trying to improve the offense that was ranked 14th in the NFL last season by trading for hard-hitting running back Jordan Howard and veteran deep threat receiver DeSean Jackson, while drafting Andre Dillard in the first round, who will most likely be the eventual Jason Peters replacement at left tackle.

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has to improve on last season when his squad was ranked 23rd overall, and do that with mostly the same squad plus newly signed defensive tackle Malik Jackson, who last year with the Jacksonville Jaguars had 3.5 sacks and 12 quarterback hits.

Yes, coach Doug Pederson’s Eagles are the favorites to win the NFC East title next season, but that depends entirely on Wentz staying healthy (which he hasn’t been able to do) and virtually the same defense playing a whole lot better than they did last year.

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NFL 2020 Championship Winning Division

DraftKingsAFC West+440
DraftKingsAFC East+550
DraftKingsNFC South+550
DraftKingsNFC West+575
DraftKingsAFC North+625
DraftKingsNFC North+625
DraftKingsNFC East+650
DraftKingsAFC South+675

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