NBA Draft Lottery 2019: Odds and Predictions

How to Watch

What: 2019 NBA Draft Lottery

When: Tuesday, May 14th at 8:30 PM EST

How (TV): ESPN,, and the WatchESPN App

How does the NBA Draft Lottery work?

The NBA Draft Lottery is an annual event by the NBA, where teams that missed the playoffs in the current year participate in a lottery process in hopes of determining the draft order for the NBA Draft.

The lottery process itself began in 1985, allowing teams to obtain the rights to Amateur college players from the USA and Canada as well as other eligible players, including internationally professional players.

The current rules cite that only the top four picks of the NBA Draft are determined by the NBA Draft lottery. As the bottom four teams all share an equal 14% chance of obtaining the number one overall pick. A stark contrast to last year, where the bottom team in the league would have a 25% chance of receiving the number one overall pick.

The remaining teams that are not winners of a top four pick, will select in an inverse order based on team win-loss record.

Lottery Team Odds

New York Knicks

Season Record: 17-65, Last in the NBA, Last in the East

Chances: No. 1 (14%), Top 3 (40.2%), Top 5 (100%), Top 10 (100%)

It was the wrong year for the New York Knicks to have decided to tank for the top pick. Versus a 25% chance at the number one overall pick last year, they will only have a 14% chance to take the top prize this year.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Season Record: 19-63, 28th in the NBA, 14th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (14%), Top 3 (40.2%), Top 5 (73.5%), Top 10 (100%)

Losing a player like LeBron James is sure to restart the plans of any franchise. But with All-Star Kevin Love on the team and championship level role players, not many thought they’d be so poor. Just like last time they lost James to free agency, they’ll have to top odds to rebuild with the number one pick.

Phoenix Suns

Season Record: 19-63, 29th in the NBA, Last in the West

Chances: No. 1 (14%), Top 3 (40.2%), Top 5 (73.5%), Top 10 (100%)

The Phoenix Suns went through an absolute nightmare this season. Ayton wasn’t the impact they expected while Bookers patience is running out. They’ve hired Monty Williams as head coach to lead what very well may be another reboot into a rebuilding process for the Suns.

Chicago Bulls

Season Record: 22-60, 27th in the NBA, 13th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (12.5%), Top 3 (36.6%), Top 5 (55.3%), Top 10 (100%)

Coaching changes, attitude problems, and an overall lack of talent contributed to the Bulls lack of improvement this year. With Boylen set to lead the side for another year, the Bulls are looking to bolster their upcoming youngsters with another rising star.

Atlanta Hawks

Season Record: 29-53, 26th in the NBA, 12th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (10.5%), Top 3 (31.6%), Top 5 (44.3%), Top 10 (100%)

The Atlanta Hawks improved of their last season and Trae Young was even better than expected. Their young and promising roster is more likely to fill needs, more than aiming for another high-risk “star in the making”.

Washington Wizards

Season Record: 32-50, 24th in the NBA, 11th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (9.0%), Top 3 (27.6%), Top 5 (37.2%), Top 10 (100%)

The soap opera that is the Washington Wizards seemingly came to a close this past season, as they began the process of dealing away their failed stars and bloated contracts. Talent is abound in this draft class and they’ll be looking for talent to replace the disappointing Beal and Wall.

Dallas Mavericks*

Season Record: 33-49, 25th in the NBA, 14th in the West

Chances: No. 1 (6.0%), Top 3 (19.0%), Top 5 (26.2%), Top 10 (98.8%)

The Mavericks made their splash at the deadline when they acquired Latvian star and former Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis to pair with rookie sensation Luka Doncic. They’ll surely be aiming to add to that young core in the draft.

Memphis Grizzlies*

Season Record: 33-49, 22nd in the NBA, 12th in the West

Chances: No. 1 (6.0%), Top 3 (19.0%), Top 5 (26.2%), Top 10 (98.8%)

The Grizzlies took their first step toward a full rebuild when they dealt star centre Marc Gasol at the trade deadline. The lottery odds are in their favour to add to their developmental side or package the pick with star point guard Mike Conley.

New Orleans Pelicans

Season Record: 33-49, 23rd in the NBA, 13th in the West

Chances: No. 1 (6.0%), Top 3 (19.0%), Top 5 (26.2%), Top 10 (98.8%)

Will this pick be in the possession of the Pelicans for long? The Pels seem sure to deal Anthony Davis this offseason, and a top 3 pick may be just the sweetener they need to pilfer prime assets from their opponents.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Season Record: 36-46, 21st in the NBA, 11th in the West

Chances: No. 1 (3.0%), Top 3 (9.9%), Top 5 (13.9%), Top 10 (79.8%)

Questions surround the Timberwolves as they decide how to move forward with a core of Wiggins and Towns. Their lottery chances are mediocre at best, leaving them in a no-man’s land in selection and the trade market.

Los Angeles Lakers

Season Record: 37-45, 20th in the NBA, 10th in the West

Chances: No. 1 (2.0%), Top 3 (6.7%), Top 5 (9.4%), Top 10 (9.4%)

LeBron James led his team straight into the NBA Draft Lottery for the first time since he was a rookie. Do the Lakers continue their youth movement, or appease their king? Time will tell, but Los Angeles is clearly impatient.

Charlotte Hornets

Season Record: 39-43, 17th in the NBA, 9th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (1.0%), Top 3 (3.4%), Top 5 (4.8%), Top 10 (4.8%)

The Hornets barely missed the playoffs and are likely to lose star man Kemba Walker this summer. The best player available seems to be the right choice, but expect them to hit the trade market hard. Should they lose Walker, their roster looks devastatingly mediocre.

Miami Heat

Season Record: 39-43, 19th in the NBA, 10th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (1.0%), Top 3 (3.4%), Top 5 (4.8%), Top 10 (4.8%)

With Wade retiring the Heat are looking for new youthful energy to encourage their squad. They’ve found some gems in Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow, so expect the Miami front office to find a player to fit their tremendous winning culture.

Sacramento Kings*

Season Record: 39-43, 18th in the NBA, 9th in the East

Chances: No. 1 (1.0%), Top 3 (3.4%), Top 5 (4.8%), Top 10 (4.8%)

It was heartbreak for the Kings as they were eliminated from playoff contention. They did, however, prove that they are a young force to be reckoned with in the West. Another lottery pick would only reinforce what looks to be a coming power in the West.

* Protected or Traded Pick

2019 NBA Draft Lottery Predictions and Odds

The odds for this year’s draft lottery are more unpredictable than ever due to the new rule change to the process.

It discourages tanking, so don’t be surprised to see some unexpected teams in some incredibly advantageous positions.

First Draft Pick BetStars NJ
New York Knicks +500
Cleveland Cavaliers +500
Phoenix Suns +500
Chicago Bulls +550
Atlanta Hawks +650
Washington Wizards +750
New Orleans Pelicans +1200
Memphis Grizzlies +1200
Dallas Mavericks +1200
Minnesota Timberwolves +2000
Los Angeles Lakers +3500
Sacramento Kings +6600
Miami Heat +6600
Charlotte Hornets +6600

* 21+ | NJ only | If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER