NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Ravens at the Top


As the NFL’s 100th season progresses, each team gradually reveals its strengths and weaknesses (some more than others) and every week it is possible to assess where they all stand in relation to each other.

It’s called the NFL Power Rankings, and they are updated weekly so that football fans and gamblers alike can get a better idea of how all thirty-two NFL franchises stack up against their competitors, something that slowly develops as players improve, rosters evolve and season-ending injuries take place.

Every week, experts use statistics and analytics to compare and rank the NFL teams and update this list, called the NFL Power Rankings, and we present our version of it here for our readers, updated every Thursday in time for all your weekend wagers.

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings 2019: From Best to Worst

Check out our Week 14 NFL Power Rankings and odds to win the Super Bowl 2020, provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.

RankTeamSuper Bowl Odds
1Baltimore Ravens+250
2San Francisco 49ers+750
3New England Patriots+400
4New Orleans Saints+500
5Seattle Seahawks+800
6Kansas City Chiefs+1100
7Minnesota Vikings+2500
8Green Bay Packers+1600
9Houston Texans+2500
10Buffalo Bills+4000
11Los Angeles Rams+10000
12Tennessee Titans+6600
13Dallas Cowboys+2500
14Pittsburgh Steelers+8000
15Indianapolis Colts+15000
16Philadelphia Eagles+6000
17Oakland Raiders+15000
18Chicago Bears+20000
19Carolina Panthers+50000
20Cleveland Browns+35000
21Los Angeles Chargers+50000
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers+50000
24Denver Broncos+75000
26Jacksonville Jaguars+100000
28New York Jets+100000
30Washington Redskins+100000
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32 NFL Franchises Ranked Best to Worst, Week 14

Here is the latest version of the NFL Power Rankings – use them to feel more certain about the teams you decide to bet on.

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The more you know, the better you bet, so take a closer look at how all the NFL teams stack up this week.

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Week 13 ranking: #2 (+1)

If you watched the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13 by a walk-off, tie-breaking field goal off the leg of placekicker extraordinaire Justin Tucker, then it’s obvious why Lamar Jackson’s team has taken over the number one Power Ranking – these guys can beat ANYONE.

Give the Niners some credit – their defense actually made Jackson look human at times, at least through the air (he threw for just 105 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions) though he still ran for over 100 yards and another touchdown in this close, 20-17 win.

Right now, Baltimore is projected as the number one overall AFC seed in the postseason (which means home-field advantage throughout the playoffs) and given their remaining four opponents (Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers) they could actually win out the rest of this regular season.


Week 13 ranking: #3 (+1)

The San Francisco 49ers came within a last-second field goal of taking the Baltimore Ravens into overtime in Week 13, but the Niners’ defense could not stop Lamar Jackson from getting his team close enough for their kicker to boot a walk-off 49-yarder for the win.

Once again, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had an okay game – 15-of-21 for 165 yards and 1 touchdown with zero interceptions – but it was the team’s rushing attack, as usual, that did the most damage, particularly running back Raheem Mostert, who had a career game with 19 carries for 146 yards and a touchdown.

The 49ers have to keep winning or risk being the 5th playoff seed in the postseason, which they are projected to be right now with the Seattle Seahawks currently in charge of the NFC West due to San Fran losing to them in Week 10, a deficit that could be wiped clean after they play each other again in Week 17.


Week 13 ranking: #1 (-2)

My, how the mighty have fallen – the New England Patriots drop two spots in the NFL Power Rankings after getting just their second loss of the season, a 28-22 road defeat to the Houston Texans, who sacked Tom Brady three times and intercepted him once.

The Patriots could sure use some help from their receiver crew – with the exception of slot receiver Julian Edelman, who is having yet another excellent season, the rest of that group (Phillip Dorsett, rookie N’Keal Harry, Mohamed Sanu, Jakobi Meyers) have been way too quiet (and covered) to become consistent targets for the GOAT to rely on, especially deep.

What’s keeping the Patriots alive in most of their games is their incredible defense – they are the second-best in the league right now, with playmakers like Jamie Collins, Kyle Van Noy and the McCourty brothers (Jason and Devin) becoming household names on that side of the ball.


Week 13 ranking: #5 (+1)

The New Orleans Saints took care of business at home in Week 13 by beating the hit-and-miss (mostly miss) Atlanta Falcons by a score of 26-18, so they slide into slot four of the Power Rankings (up a notch from last week), now guaranteed yet another postseason run.

That is because the Saints have already clinched their division, so now their main goal is to get the number one overall seed in the NFC, which they are currently projected as, a path that the 10-2 Seattle Seahawks will also have their beady eyes fixed on for the rest of the regular season.

New Orleans still has a couple of challenges before the postseason – they face the 49ers, the Indianapolis Colts, the Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers – but with a healthy Drew Brees under center tossing dimes to Michael Thomas while Cam Jordan and Marcus Davenport keep chomping down on opposing quarterbacks, these Saints look like the NFC team to beat for sure.


Week 13 ranking: #4 (-1)

It happens, one of the top teams wins their game but still sinks in the Power Rankings – perfect example, the Seattle Seahawks took care of the Minnesota Vikings in a Week 13 high-scoring shootout (final score, 37-30) and remain atop the NFC West, yet still they sink a spot to number five on this fluctuating list.

Russell Wilson had a lot of help through the air against the Vikings – receivers D.K. Metcalf caught 6 balls for 75 yards and David Moore caught 2 for 65 yards and a touchdown – but it’s Chris Carson’s run game that’s been boosting Seattle’s offense, when he can hang onto the ball, that is (he’s got 6 fumbles on the season, the most of any non-quarterbacks right now).

Seattle faces the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14, a necessary win for the Seahawks if they prefer to be the 2nd overall playoff seed in the NFC instead OF THE 5th seed, the difference depending on whether they can stay atop the NFC West until the end of the season, including survive a 49ers rematch in Week 17.


Week 13 ranking: #8 (+2)

Helped by their hometown crowd at Arrowhead, the Kansas City Chiefs absolutely spanked Jon Gruden’s Oakland Raiders in Week 13 by a lopsided score of 40-9 and move up two slots in the NFL Power Rankings to number six.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw for a touchdown and no picks, but it was the Chiefs’ run game that was responsible for three of Kansas City’s touchdowns, with Mahomes and running backs Darwin Thompson and LeSean McCoy each scoring on the ground in that one.

Credit the ever-improving Kansas City Chiefs’ defense for the win – they had two interceptions off of Derek Carr – and for keeping opponents to about 22 points per game, something that their 4th ranked offense, who average 29 points per game, can easily outscore.


Week 13 ranking: #6 (-1)

Despite scoring 13 points in the fourth quarter, the Minnesota Vikings could not get the job done over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 13, losing by a touchdown (30-37) and slipping a notch down to number seven of the Power Rankings list.

Vikes’ quarterback Kirk Cousins is playing well enough – he’s completing almost 70 percent of his passes and has thrown for 23 touchdowns on the season with just 4 interceptions – except all but one of Minnesota’s losses have been by a score or less, so Cousins needs to be able to get more points on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter.

They should have it easier in Week 14 – they take on the struggling Detroit Lions, a very beatable divisional foe – but they do need to keep winning for the rest of the season if they want to hang onto their projected 6th seed in the playoffs.


Week 13 ranking: #7 (-1)

It’s not that beating the New York Giants means nothing, but that’s what the Green Bay Packers did in Week 13 by a score of 31-13 in the Meadowlands, no less, and yet still they slide from number seven to number eight on this apparently fickle list.

The Pack faces another weak opponent in Week 14 – the 3-9 Washington Redskins – so maybe they can win big in that one, too, and slip right out of the top ten (sarcasm!), though with the way quarterback Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball, who cares how anyone ranks them as long as they keep winning football games.

Green Bay is in charge of the NFC North right now, so they are the projected 3rd seed in the playoffs, but they’ve got three divisional matchups to end the season (Bears, Vikings, and Lions) so in the end who knows how that competitive division will actually shake out by the time the playoffs finally roll around.


Week 13 ranking: #9 (same)

Quarterback Deshaun Watson and his talented Houston Texans did what only the Baltimore Ravens had done before them, and that’s to beat the New England Patriots during the 2019 NFL season, and they did it with the help of their boisterous NRG Stadium hometown crowd by a score of 28-22.

If the Texans expect to compete in the postseason (right now as the leaders of the AFC South, they’re projected to be the 3rd seed), defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel had best have a talk with his 27th ranked defense, the same one that allowed the Patriots to get back in the game with 13 fourth-quarter points.

One of the terribly bright spots of the Texans this year is their rushing attack – two ex-Browns have found their way to Houston’s backfield, and Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde are making every snap pay off, their rushing attack ranked 7th overall in the league right now.


Week 13 ranking: #10 (same)

It should have probably been a better week for the Buffalo Bills in the Power Rankings (they stay at number ten for now) after taking care of the overly talented and entirely underperforming Dallas Cowboys (in Arlington, no less, AND on Thanksgiving Day) by a score of 26-15, proving yet again that they are a legitimate postseason threat.

Second-year man Josh Allen keeps playing decently under center for buffalo and seems to gradually be learning how to quarterback in the NFL – he threw for 231 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions against the Cowboys, proving he does how to take care of the football.

If ever there was a time to prove that the Bills are the real deal (and many question that, given their schedule thus far), Week 14 will be the ultimate proving ground, since Buffalo has to play the on-fire Baltimore Ravens (in New York, thankfully) and a win there would say a whole lot about their ability to win the big ones.


Week 13 ranking: #12 (+1)

It’s tempting (though shocking) to count the 2019 Los Angeles Rams out of the postseason, but then they go ahead and do something like beat the Arizona Cardinals (they even shut them out for the first three quarters) by an angry score of 34-7 and stay in the postseason hunt.

Jared Goff continues to play well, regardless of wins and losses, completing 32-of-43 in that one for 424 yards, 2 touchdowns and zero interceptions, the man now ranked the fourth most productive quarterback in the league.

Running back Todd Gurley seems to be peeking out from under the protective rock that head coach Sean McVay was hiding him under, posting 95 yards of rushing with a touchdown and catching a 20-yard pass in the win over the Cards, a sure sign that he is firing himself up for the postseason, if that becomes necessary, that is.


Week 13 ranking: #14 (+2)

In a legitimate run for the playoffs, the Tennessee Titans have won five of their last six games, including last week against the talented Indianapolis Colts by a score of 31-17, pushing them up two notches in the Power Rankings and landing them just a game behind the AFC South-leading Houston Texans.

The big shocker in Tennessee is with the resurgence of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, thought by many to be through in this league, yet now as the Titans’ starter he’s completed almost 73 percent of his passes for 12 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions, and that’s all in just six games as the starter.

The Titans are still in the playoff hunt – right now they’re the projected 7th seed (FYI only the top six seeds are invited) but they take on the AFC South divisional leading Houston Texans before the season is over, so they still totally have a postseason shot.


Week 13 ranking: #11 (-2)

Not a good stretch for the Dallas Cowboys – they have lost three of their last four in a row, the latest in front of a visually disappointed Jerry Jones against the Buffalo Bills in Texas by a score of 15-26, the Cowboys struggling to get their offense firing on all cylinders.

Head coach Jason Garrett is definitely on the hot seat right now (and probably will be until the Cowboys win another Super Bowl ring) but with an easy end of schedule they could still win out, win the NFC East and make a playoff appearance, though how far they can get is still very much debatable.


Week 13 ranking: #16 (+2)

This was an entirely different Pittsburgh Steelers who showed up to take on the Cleveland Browns for the second time this season – literally, as head coach Mike Tomlin benched backup quarterback Mason Rudolph and started his backup, rookie Devlin “Duck” Hodges.

The Steelers easily took care of the Browns this time (no helmet thumping required from either side) and now they look like a team totally bound for the playoffs with only the 7-5 Titans and 6-6 Raiders to give them any Wild Card worries at all before they get there.


Week 13 ranking: #13 (-2)

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett would have a good game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 13 (he threw for 319 yards and a touchdown) except for two things – the interceptions he tossed in their 17-31 loss that now has them in third of the AFC South and barely hanging on to any playoff hopes.

It’s not going to be an easy path to the postseason, however – Indianapolis still has to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Saints, the Carolina Panthers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars – but a couple of divisional wins would certainly help their cause and their schedule is set up perfectly for them to make that happen.


Week 13 ranking: #15 (-1)

The Philadelphia Eagles suffered their third loss in a row (their fifth in seven weeks) and the worst news of it all is it was to the miserable Miami Dolphins who beat them by a score of 31-37, not a good sign for a team that was expected to make an appearance in the playoffs (at least).

Quarterback Carson Wentz completed 28-of-46 in that one for 3 touchdowns and an interception (Alshon Jeffery had 9 catches for 137 yards and a touchdown) but the defense let the Dolphins score 11 points in the fourth quarter to take the win, something that would have never happened a year ago when the Eagles were a defensively solid postseason bound team.


Week 13 ranking: #17 (same)

What in the world is happening to Jon Gruden’s Oakland Raiders – during the last two games they have been outscored by a combined 74-12 and though they remain “in the hunt” for the playoffs they are still two games behind the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West.

The Raiders’ offense is averaging under 20 points per game, but their defense is allowing opponents to score 27 every game – that math won’t add up to January football or even a winning record, something Gruden, quarterback Derek Carr and company had best address, if this team is to find any long term success.

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Week 13 ranking: #21 (+3)

Just when it seemed safe to write off the Chicago Bears, they go and do something like beat their divisional rivals, the Detroit Lions, in the first game of Thanksgiving Day and move up three whole Power Ranking slots as a result, with Mitchell Trubisky throwing for almost 340 yards and 3 touchdowns with an interception.

With the 49ers and Seahawks doing so well, there is not a lot of wiggle room to earn the other NFC Wild Card slot, so the Bears would have to basically win out the season to qualify, not an easy task given they still face the Cowboys, the Packers, the Chiefs, and the Vikings over the next four weeks.


Week 13 ranking: #18 (-1)

Oh boy, you know it’s not a good season when your head coach gets fired in the middle of it, but that’s exactly what happened to Ron Rivera after the team lost to the (gasp) Washington Redskins in Week 13, with Carolina Panthers’ owner David Tepper saying simply, “I thought it was time.”

The interim head coach will be defensive backs coach Perry Fewell, and the rest of the Panthers’ season will be spent figuring out whether the team will stick with the surgically repaired Cam Newton at quarterback or if they will move on to younger and healthier pastures using either the draft, free agency or trades.


Week 13 ranking: #19 (-1)

It might have been a fun season for the Cleveland Browns had they been able to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 13 – they might have had a shot at the Wild Card by winning out their ‘easy’ final schedule – but they couldn’t get it done (they lost in Pittsburgh, 13-20) and now the very best they can hope for is a 9-7 record.

Ending above .500 wouldn’t be a bad thing for the typically struggling Browns, especially given that they’re being led by a rookie head coach, Freddie Kitchens, except that with the amount of offensive talent they now have on their roster (Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, and more) many fans thought that quarterback Baker Mayfield should have at least been able to lead this team to the playoffs.


Week 13 ranking: #20 (-1)

What a way to lose a ball game – the Los Angeles Chargers get called on a ridiculous pass interference call that led to a Denver Broncos’ game-winning 53-yard field goal by Brandon McManus and the Bolts drop a slot in the Power Rankings.

This season is now officially lost for Philip Rivers’ bunch (unless there’s actually still a drop of hope left for the projected 13th playoff seed) and there will be a lot of important decisions that have to be made this offseason, the main one being whether “old man” Rivers will still be their franchise guy under center next season..


Week 13 ranking: #24 (-2)

At times, the Power Rankings can be highly unfair to some teams, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who soundly beat the Jacksonville Jaguars last week by a final score of 28-11, and they even did it on the road, yet they cruelly fall two slots on the list regardless.

Here’s some good news – quarterback Jameis Winston did something in that Week 13 win that he hadn’t done in four weeks (and that he’s only done four-time all year) and that’s going an entire game without throwing an interception (he has a league-leading 20 picks right now), a good sign even if it’s too little, too late for the 5-7 Bucs.

23) DETROIT LIONS (3-8-1)

Week 13 ranking: #22 (-1)

Things are not going head coach Matt Patricia’s way in Detroit, his Lions losing yet another divisional game (they’re currently 0-4 against NFC North teams), this time to the Bears on Thanksgiving Day and on national television by a score of 20-24.

The team has lost eight of their last nine games, and all of those losses (but one) were by a single score or less, so quarterback Matthew Stafford and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell have to figure out how to score in the fourth quarter if they expect to win all those close ones next season.


Week 13 ranking: #28 (+4)

The Denver Broncos beat the Los Angeles Chargers, but basically because of a somewhat bogus pass interference all in the final seconds that put their placekicker, Brandon McManus, close enough to kick a game-winning 53-yard field goal.

The good news in all this is that the Broncos may have found their quarterback – Drew Lock has been getting a little more impressive as the season goes on, completing 18-of-28 passes in that win with no sacks for a passer rating of 84.5, giving the team just a little bit of hope in an otherwise dismal season.


Week 13 ranking: #23 (-2)

The Arizona Cardinals forgot to bring their offense to the Week 13 game against the Los Angeles Rams and lost that one, 34-7, with quarterback Kyler Murray looking like the rookie he is, completing 19-of-34 passes for just 163 yards and no touchdowns but with an interception after being sacked six times during the game.

The Cardinals might have forgotten to bring their defense to that game, too, since they allowed Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff to throw for 424 total yards and 2 touchdowns with zero picks, a sign that this Cardinals team is young and inconsistent still, nothing rookie head coach Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t already know.


Week 13 ranking: #26 (same)

This Jacksonville Jaguars team is imploding both on and off the field – head coach Doug Marrone benched starting quarterback Nick Foles at halftime against the Buccaneers in Week 13 after he turned the ball over in his first three possessions, but rookie Garner Minshew couldn’t do much better in his place, also throwing a pick in the game.

There was plenty of yelling in the Jags locker room after the game, and there are a lot of hot seats in Jacksonville right now – Marrone’s is probably the hottest, but Foles’ seat is burning, too, and at this point the team might as well commit to talented rookie Minshew and give him the rest of the season to get comfortable under center.


Week 13 ranking: #27 (same)

Talk about a hot seat, that’s exactly what Atlanta Falcons’ head coach Dan Quinn is sitting on right now after his team has (once again) has completely underperformed given their talent level, though the injury bug has been a legitimate and ongoing excuse for this team’s never-ending woes.

The Falcons certainly missed injured receiver Julio Jones during their Thanksgiving Day loss to the Saints (he sat out with an injured shoulder) but they’re also missing over a dozen of their players now on injured reserve, not to mention the other almost dozen players who are listed as questionable for Week 14.

28) NEW YORK JETS (4-8)

Week 13 ranking: #25 (-3)

The New York Jets sink three spots in the NFL Power Rankings this week and they rightly deserve it after giving the hapless Cincinnati Bengals their first win of the season by a score of 6-22, yet another black mark on this talented yet underperforming Jets team.

The biggest mystery for the Jets right now has to be running back Le’Veon Bell, who was supposed to be a game-changer but who is only averaging 3.2 yards per carry with just 3 touchdowns on the season, a sign that his year away from the game might have had a bigger effect on him than everyone had hoped.


Week 13 ranking: #29 (same)

The football world was shocked by the Miami Dolphins after they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13 for their third win, completely ruining their chances at the overall first draft pick next offseason (looks like that honor will go to the Cincinnati Bengals at this point).

That’s too bad, because the Dolphins are going to need to find a young franchise quarterback to get behind, though for now, Ryan “Fitzmagic” Fitzpatrick continues to prove he still has game left, throwing 27 completions for 365 yards against the Dolphins last week with 3 touchdowns passes with an interception.


Week 13 ranking: #31 (+1)

You can totally blame the Washington Redskins for getting Carolina Panthers’ head coach Ron Rivera fired this week, since it was directly after the pitiful Skins beat his team by a score of 29-21 that he got let go, moving Washington up a notch in the Power Rankings’ basement.

Rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins is benefitting from his starts, regardless of the team’s 3-9 record, as is the Redskins’ rushing attack, which posted over 240+ total yards against the Panthers during that Week 13 win.

31) NEW YORK GIANTS (2-10)

Week 13 ranking: #30 (-1)

Boy, did the New York Giants make the Packers look good in Week 13 – the Giants lost 13-31 as quarterback Daniel Jones threw one touchdown pass and three interceptions, while New York’s defense allowed Aaron Rodgers to throw for 4 scores and over 240 passing yards.

Even running back Saquon Barkley is struggling this season – he’s averaging 4.0 yards per carry (a yard less than his record-breaking rookie season) – and it’s not tough to believe that there will be a lot of new faces in the Giants’ facility next season as owner John Mara continues his team’s rebuild.


Week 13 ranking: #32 (same)

Well, it had to happen at some point (didn’t it?) – the Cincinnati Bengals finally won a game in 2019, and the unlucky team that took the loss is the New York Jets by a score of 22-2, with Cincy finding new life from previously benched starting quarterback Andy Dalton.

Dalton completed 22-of-37 for 243 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions on the day, production he could have used long before head coach Zac Taylor sat him in Week 10 for backup Ryan Finley, the rookie who threw as many interceptions as he did touchdowns – two.

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How to Best Use the NFL Power Rankings

Whether you are new to the game of professional football or have followed the NFL for years, it is a lot of fun to place wagers on the outcomes of certain games, especially if it is your favorite team playing, and especially now that it is becoming increasingly legal in the United States.

To win money betting on football, it helps to understand how each of the thirty-two teams stacks up against the others, and that is exactly what the NFL Power Rankings are used for.

Before you make your bets – even the ones based on the deepest of hunches or the best of insider tips – a quick look at our NFL Power Rankings will certainly up your chances to win.

Our NFL Power Rankings Are Updated Weekly

Because we update these NFL Power Rankings each week on Thursday during the NFL regular season, they are the perfect place to see where the teams that you might be betting ON rank compared to the teams you are thinking about betting AGAINST, which will increase the odds that every wager you place is a good one.

Numbers don’t lie, and NFL stats tell the true story of which teams are worth putting a few dollars on and which teams are worth betting against.

Be sure to mark this page down as a favorite and keep checking back weekly to see how your preferred teams have moved up or down in the NFL Power rankings and use what you learn to place better wagers that are more likely to pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the NFL Power Rankings Calculated?

There are many factors that are closely considered when the experts power rank all thirty-two of the NFL franchises each week.

Some of the factors that are considered are the updated point spreads, the strength of schedule for each team in that particular week, recent trades and pickups that happened and the history of outcomes each team has earned against their opponent in all the games they have met in the past.

Experts throw all of these factors into the mix and rank the teams accordingly, adjusting them each week when the inevitable changes take place.

Do Injuries Play a Part in Each Team’s Rankings?

Absolutely, injuries play a key role in power rankings, more or less so depending on the value of the player.

If a football franchise’s biggest star goes down, it not only changes their ability to win the game, it changes the perception the football world has of them, which can shift the odds of the matchup one way or the other.

Some players are listed as questionable, others are listed as doubtful or out, and whichever team can put a healthier bunch on the field (and have backups for them when they inevitably go down) has the better chance of winning the game.

How do Trades and Free Agency Play Into a Team’s Power Ranking?

Whenever an NFL team acquires new talent on their roster, it can affect their power ranking.

The more important the position (quarterback, running back, wide receiver, defensive end, cornerback) the more effect he can have.

During the season, there is not as much roster movement as there is over the offseason, but when there is, the experts take that into consideration when making their next power rankings.

Does a Team’s Schedule Have Anything to do With Their Power Ranking?

Sure it does, since the more difficult an opponent a team faces the less likely it is that they will win the football game.

Some NFL teams seem to have it way easier than others, and all of that depends on how they played during the previous season and how that stacked up against other teams in the league.

It’s frustrating when a good team has an easy schedule (or when a bad team seems to face all the aces), and all that is definitely taken into consideration by the expert who create the NFL Power Rankings.

How Does a Team’s Ability to Score Points Affect Their Power Ranking?

The experts have access to all of the statistics that the NFL releases, and scoring tendencies are among those.

A team’s ability to score a certain average on a weekly basis says a lot about how they might do against an opponent.

Equally, analyzing a team’s past opponents’ ability to score against them tells you a lot about their defense, all factors in compiling an NFL Power Rankings list.

Can Anyone Create Their Own NFL Power Rankings?

Of course they can, though every list varies in its helpfulness depending on what factors are taken into consideration.

One person’s power rankings might favor the better passing teams, whereas another person’s power rankings might reward good defense or the best rushing attacks, but they all have value since they help the fan or gambler see various factors that can affect the outcome of each game.

Professional power rankings tend to consider the most overall factors, but personal power rankings can be specifically created to consider a person’s football-specific gambling preferences in order to enhance their overall experience.

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