NFL Power Rankings for Week 6


As the NFL’s 100th season progresses, each team gradually reveals its strengths and weaknesses (some more than others) and every week it is possible to assess where they all stand in relation to each other.

It’s called the NFL Power Rankings, and they are updated weekly so that football fans and gamblers alike can get a better idea of how all thirty-two NFL franchises stack up against their competitors, something that slowly develops as players improve, rosters evolve and season-ending injuries take place.

Every week, experts use statistics and analytics to compare and rank the NFL teams and update this list, called the NFL Power Rankings, and we present our version of it here for our readers, updated every Thursday in time for all your weekend wagers.

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings 2019

Check out our Week 6 NFL Power Rankings and odds to win the Super Bowl, provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.

RankTeamSuper Bowl Odds
1New England Patriots+325
2New Orleans Saints+800
3Kansas City Chiefs+600
4Green Bay Packers+1200
5Seattle Seahawks+2200
6San Francisco 49ers+1600
7Los Angeles Rams+1600
8Dallas Cowboys+1600
9Philadelphia Eagles+1200
10Buffalo Bills+4000
11Baltimore Ravens+2300
12Houston Texans+3000
13Chicago Bears+2800
14Minnesota Vikings+2500
15Indianapolis Colts+4000
16Detroit Lions+6000
17Carolina Panthers+4000
18Cleveland Browns+3000
19Los Angeles Chargers+4000
20Tennessee Titans+6000
21Oakland Raiders+6600
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers+10000
23Jacksonville Jaguars+6000
24New York Giants+8000
25Atlanta Falcons+10000
26Pittsburgh Steelers+10000
27Denver Broncos+25000
28Arizona Cardinals+30000
29Cincinnati Bengals+50000
30New York Jets+25000
31Washington Redskins+50000
32Miami Dolphins+100000

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32 NFL Franchises Ranked Best to Worst, Week 6

Here is the latest version of the NFL Power Rankings – use them to feel more certain about the teams you decide to bet on.

Be sure to favorite this page and check back each Thursday for the latest updated rankings.

The more you know, the better you bet, so take a closer look at how all the NFL teams stack up this week.

Good luck!


Week 5 ranking: #1 (same)

The Patriots are on a real tear, easily snagging their fifth win of the season over a Redskins team (final score 33-7) that promptly fired their head coach the next day.

Ready for Thursday Night Football? Be sure to check out our game preview for the Giants vs Patriots!

New England was nice enough to let Washington have a touchdown and the momentary lead until they proceeded to use running back Sony Michel to both run with and catch the ball to an easy victory.

Looks like this Patriots team can bury opponents on both sides of the ball, and if their new veteran kicker, Mike Nugent, can be a little more consistent, New England’s special teams will kill you, too.

For more on the Patriots, check out this article: New England Patriots Postseason Predictions


Week 5 ranking: #7 (+5)

Looks like Teddy Bridgewater is going to be just fine under center while Drew Brees finishes healing up, the backup quarterback leading his Saints to a 34-27 victory over the Buccaneers.

These Saints moved up five spots to take the number 2 power ranking after demonstrating that they can outscore teams with their effective offense while shutting them down with their no-joke defense.

Now that Bridgewater, Michael Thomas, and dual-threat running back Alvin Kamara took down the Bucs, the Panthers are the only other NFC South team within a game of New Orleans.

For more on the Saints, check out this article: New Orleans Saints Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #2 (-1)

Not sure how the Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts, but they did by a score of 13-19 (and that was at Arrowhead Stadium in front of their fans, no less) so Kansas City slips a notch in the power rankings this week.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes looked almost human in this one, mostly because his already tender ankle was stepped on by one of his own 300+ pound linemen, greatly limiting his mobility.

It will be nice for the Chiefs to get Tyreek Hill back in the lineup after his Week 1 shoulder injury kept him sidelined since it happened, his return looking like it could happen in Week 6 against the Houston Texans, great news for the Kansas City offense.

For more on the Chiefs, check out this article: Kansas City Chiefs Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #6 (+2)

This 2-point rise in the Packers power is a direct result of running back Aaron Jones’ Week 5 game, where he rushed for 4 touchdowns in a 34-24 win against the Cowboys in their home stadium.

Aaron Rodgers didn’t have to do much in that game to get the win, throwing 22 completions for 238 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions to his name.

The Packers defense shut out the Cowboys in the first half and kept them from catching up in the second half, proving that Mike Pettine’s group with its Smith enhancements at linebacker can shut down the big boys, too.

For more on the Packers, check out this article: Green Bay Packers Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #10 (+5)

In one of the best games of the week, Seahawks’ Russell Wilson proved his worth by having a big game against the divisional rival Rams for the 30-29 win and the Rams surge up to five spots in the power rankings.

Wilson threw for 4 touchdowns and even ran for 32 yards himself, his main target of the day is tight end Will Dissly, who caught 4 passes for 81 yards but no touchdowns.

The Seahawks’ defense also stepped up with a pick and a sack in that game as they kept the Rams to just a field goal in the fourth quarter.

For more on the Seahawks, check out this article: Seattle Seahawks Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #9 (+3)

Get ready for the 49ers vs Rams with this game preview!

The 49ers came off a bye week well-rested and well-game planned as they destroyed the Cleveland Browns 31-3 on national television with a rushing attack that took the Browns by complete surprise.

In fact, on San Francisco’s first play of the Monday Night Football game, running back Matt Breida took the ball 83 yards to the house, leaving Browns players in his dust as he topped 22 mph on the field.

Rookie defensive end Nick Bosa was having too much fun as he had a big game (2.0 sacks, 4 quarterback hits, four tackles, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery) and the recent OSU grad planted an imaginary revenge flag in front of Oklahoma alum Baker Mayfield’s face.


Week 5 ranking: #7 (same)

The Rams lost a tough one to the Seahawks on national television last Thursday night but only by a point, so their power ranking stays the same.

It must be such a relief to Jared Goff that he has Cooper Kupp healthy and back in the lineup, the shifty receiver showing no signs of slowing down after the recent ACL surgery that took him out most of last season.

Running back Todd Gurley isn’t flashing huge right now (he’s averaging 4.3 yards per touch), but chances are that’s part of a bigger plan to save him for the end of the season and for the playoffs.

For more on the Rams, check out this article: Los Angeles Rams Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #4 (-4)

In one of the bigger upset losses of Week 5, the Dallas Cowboys got taken down at home by the Green Bay Packers, their running back Jones having his way with them four times for rushing touchdowns.

The Packers’ defense figured out how to shut Ezekiel Elliott down, and the Cowboys couldn’t recover with their passing game.

Dak Prescott uncharacteristically threw 3 interceptions, which was the nail in the coffin by the end of this one, the Cowboys slipping 4 notches on the power ranking chart.

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Week 5 ranking: #11 (+2)

The Eagles beat the New York Jets soundly (as they should have) by a score of 31-6 and rise two spots in the Week 6 power rankings as they make their way into the top ten.

Tight end Zach Ertz finally caught a touchdown pass in 2019 – expect his contributions to increase as the season progresses, same with Carson Wentz’s deep threat DeSean Jackson (if he can stay healthy).

The Eagles’ defense is a top-ten unit with 6 picks and 13 sacks totaled so far in 2019, the squad holding opponents to an average of 22.2 points per game.

For more on the Eagles, check out this article: Philadelphia Eagles Postseason Predictions 


Week 5 ranking: #8 (-2)

The Buffalo Bills actually won in Week 5 against the Tennessee Titans 14-7 but slipped two spots in the power ranking because so many other teams moved up.

Second-year quarterback Josh Allen is getting adjusted to playing with pros, but he still has difficulty not throwing the football to the defense, with an interception last week and 7 altogether, two more than his 5 total touchdowns.

It’s the Bills defense that’s keeping them alive, coordinator Leslie Frazier’s squad ranked 3rd best overall right now after five weeks of mostly winning games.

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Week 5 ranking: #16 (+5)

The Ravens needed this Week 5 overtime divisional win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 26-23, especially after getting spanked the week before by the Cleveland Browns.

Now the Ravens are five spots higher in the power rankings and in first place of the AFC North by a game, so expect them to hold on dearly from this point out.

Their normally solid defense has to improve (ranked 21st right now) as does their passing game (ranked 13th) but meanwhile the Ravens’ rushing attack (2nd best in the league) led by hard-to-tackle quarterback Lamar Jackson will keep them alive.

For more on the Ravens, check out this article: Baltimore Ravens Postseason Predictions


Week 5 ranking: #15 (+3)

Houston’s quarterback Deshaun Watson officially came alive in the Texans’ Week 5 win against the Atlanta Falcons by a whopping 53-32, moving his team’s power ranking up 3 notches.

Watson completed 28-of-33 for 426 yards and 5 touchdown passes with no interceptions, posting a perfect quarterback rating of 158.3.

The Texans may have a top-ten offense, but their defense barely cracks the top-twenty right now and needs to improve if Houston expects to see football in January.

For more on the Texans, check out this article: Houston Texans Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #3 (-10)

The Chicago Bears found out the hard way that when you lose a game to the Oakland Raiders you fall ten spots in the power rankings and one game behind the Packers in the NFC North.

The Bears are having to do this season for now without starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who’s still out with a bad shoulder, and his backup Chase Daniel found out the hard way that throwing interceptions in the NFL (he tossed 2 picks in Week 5) will lose games faster than anything else.

For more on the Bears, check out this article: Chicago Bears Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #19 (+5)

The Minnesota Vikings stomped all over the New York Giants in Week 5, 28-10, and move up five spots, Kirk Cousins throwing for +300 yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions during that one.

Dalvin Cook continues to impress on the ground (and catching passes) and now that squeaky-wheel receiver Adam Thielen is getting more involved (7 catches for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Giants) the Vikings offense looks right on track.

For more on the Vikings, check out Week 6 Sunday Night Game: Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings – Predictions and Odds.


Week 5 ranking: #20 (+5)

The Indianapolis Colts are proving they don’t need Luck (as in Andrew, their retired franchise quarterback) since new starter Jacoby Brissett is doing the job nicely, leading the team to a shocking win over the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5, 19-13.

And how about that Colts’ defense that kept the high-scoring Chiefs to just two field goals and a touchdown, the impressive squad with 4 sacks on Mahomes and a forced fumble.

For more on the Colts, check out this article: Indianapolis Colts Biggest Offseason Moves

16) DETROIT LIONS (2-1-1)

Week 5 ranking: #13 (-3)

Poor Detroit Lions, get a bye week and then slip down three spots on the power rankings – probably not fair but it’s the way these lists go.

Head coach Matt Patricia’s well-rested Lions take on the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football in Week 6, so a win by quarterback Matthew Stafford and company there will do a lot to improve Detroit’s spot on this list.

For more on the Lions, check out this article: Detroit Lions Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #22 (+5)

Even without the injured Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers took care of the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5 by a score of 34-27 and moved up five power spots, with some thanks going to backup quarterback Kyle Allen, who seems unaffected by having to step in under center at the last minute, and most of the appreciation going to possible league MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey.

The Panthers travel to London, England this week to take on the Bucs, and if they can win that one, they’ll move another game ahead of Tampa Bay and stay apace the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South.

For more on the Panthers, check out this article: Carolina Panthers Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #14 (-4)

Whoops, that looked embarrassing, the rising Cleveland Browns falling to flag-planting Nick Bosa’s San Francisco 49ers, 31-3, on Monday Night Football, with the Browns looking like their offseason hype might be too much for their talented paper roster to live up to right now.

Too many penalties and turnovers plus an offensive line that can’t keep Baker Mayfield safe and an Odell Beckham Jr. that can’t seem to attract many targets anymore are causing this Cleveland team to take a few steps backward in this poll after Week 5.

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Week 5 ranking: #12 (-7)

The Los Angeles Chargers lose at home to the winless (until then) Denver Broncos and slip over half a dozen notches in the power rankings, despite backup running back Austin Ekeler emerging as an offensive weapon after filling in for holdout Melvin Gordon the first few weeks.

Philip Rivers is good – he’s got a 68.6 completion percentage this season – but he needs to stop throwing the football to his opponents, so far with 4 interceptions to his 7 touchdowns in 2019.

For more on the Chargers, check out this article: Los Angeles Chargers Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #18 (-2)

The Tennessee Titans seem to be all over the place this season, spanking the Browns in Week 1 by a score of 43-13 and then getting stuffed by the Buffalo Bills in Week 5, 7-14, now slipping two notches in the power rankings.

Quarterback Marcus Mariota didn’t break 200 yards of passing against the Bills and he had no touchdowns or interceptions, and if it wasn’t for running back Derrick Henry taking the team on his back (20 carries for 78 yards and 1 touchdown) the Titans might not have even scored.

For more on the Titans, check out this article: Tennessee Titans Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #24 (+3)

Nobody can tell (yet) if these Oakland Raiders are for real, but their $100 million head coach Jon Gruden believes in them enough to locker room dance after they beat the Chicago Bears 24-21 in Week 5.

Quarterback Derek Carr didn’t have to do much (25/32, 229 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions) because rookie running back Josh Jacobs handled most of the offensive work with 26 carries for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns.

For more on the Raiders, check out this article: Oakland Raiders Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #21 (-1)

The Bucs lost to the Saints in New Orleans by a score of 24-31, and the verdict is still out on whether new (old) head coach Bruce Arians can whisper quarterback Jameis Winston back to greatness.

The Buccaneers play a divisional matchup in Week 6 against the Carolina Panthers, the perfect time to prove that they can take a run at the wildcard playoffs this season.

For more on the Bucs, check out this article: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #17 (-5)

The Jacksonville Jaguars put up a good fight against the Carolina Panthers in Week 5 but still lost the game and slipped 5 points in the power rankings, despite running back Leonard Fournette having a 100+ yard game with 23 carries and a touchdown.

Starting quarterback Gardner Minshew continues to be good – he completed 26-of-44 passes for 374 yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions against Carolina – but he has to figure out how to win games in the fourth quarter if he wants to stay starting.

For more on the Jaguars, check out this article: Jacksonville Jaguars Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #23 (-1)

Rookie quarterback Daniel Jones learned how hard the NFL is against the Vikings in Week 5, losing the game 10-28 after completing 21-of-38 for 182 yards and a touchdown with an interception.

The Giants could really use last year’s offensive rookie MVP Saquon Barkley healthy out of the backfield (he’s currently out with a high ankle sprain), and they may just get him in Week 6 against the Patriots in front of a national audience on Thursday Night Football.

For more on the Giants, check out this article: New York Giants Postseason Predictions


Week 5 ranking: #26 (+1)

Not sure how the Atlanta Falcons rose a power point after their Week 5 loss to the Houston Texans, but that’s how these lists work sometimes.

Despite having running back Devonta Freeman, the Falcons continue to struggle on their ground game, ranked 28th in the league right now, and that’s going to have to get fixed if quarterback Matt Ryan expects to see the playoffs again.

For more on the Falcons, check out this article: Atlanta Falcons Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #25 (-1)

Proving that it’s tough to win games after losing all of your biggest playmakers, the Pittsburgh Steelers slip a notch after losing in overtime to divisional foe Baltimore Ravens in Week 5 by a score of 26-23.

The big scare of the game was when quarterback Mason Rudolph got knocked out cold by a hard hit, but the bigger scare of the season is that the Steelers seem to be running out of quarterbacks faster than they can replace them.

For more on the Steelers, check out this article: Pittsburgh Steelers Postseason Predictions


Week 5 ranking: #29 (+2)

The Denver Broncos finally got their first 2019 win in Week 5 against the Los Angeles Chargers and they surge to spot #27, up two notches, as a result.

The big hero of the game wasn’t quarterback Joe Flacco (14 completions for 182 yards, a touchdown and an interception) but running back Phillip Lindsay, who on 15 carries posted 114 yards and a touchdown, helping to secure his teams first win of the season.

For more on the Broncos, check out this article: Denver Broncos Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #27 (-1)

The Arizona Cardinals finally won a game – they beat the winless Cincinnati Bengals 26-23 – but they still fell a notch because other teams did more important things and needed their spot.

Rookie quarterback Kyler Murray completed 20 passes and threw for 253 yards, but the only touchdown he scored on was with his legs, with the bigger problem being the Cardinals’ defense that let the Bengals score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make it close.

For more on the Cardinals, check out this article: Arizona Cardinals Biggest Offseason Moves


Week 5 ranking: #30 (+1)

The final four spots of this power rankings list contain winless teams, the first one being the Cincinnati Bengals who lost their Week 5 game against the Cardinals but still rose a slot in the NFL power rankings, making the case that slots 25+ on this list are basically irrelevant.

Andy Dalton didn’t throw any picks in Week 5 (he threw 4 in his first four games) and running back Joe Mixon carried the ball 19 times for 93 yards (but no touchdowns), the kind of production that will help these Bengals win at least one game this season.

For more on the Bengals, check out this article: Cincinnati Bengals Biggest Offseason Moves

30) NEW YORK JETS, 0-4

Week 5 ranking: #28 (-2)

The New York Jets, who had a bye in Week 5 to heal up, get rested and reassess what ails them while slipping two notches down the power list for no apparent reason.

The biggest ailment in the Jets camp, of course, has been the mono that has kept starting quarterback Sam Darnold on the sidelines (a hit to his swollen spleen could have been deadly), with his appearance in Week 6 against the Dallas Cowboys now expected and highly anticipated.

For more on the Jets, check out this article: New York Jets Postseason Predictions


Week 5 ranking: #31 (same)

The big news in Redskins-land is the firing of head coach Jay Gruden after his team lost to the New England Patriots 7-33.

With an interim head coach, Bill Callahan, and no particular starting quarterback under center these days (probably journeyman Colt McCoy for now), this Redskins team is ripe to score the worst record this season and therefore the first overall pick in the next draft, most likely a quarterback if they’re lucky.

For more on the Redskins, check out this article: Washington Redskins Postseason Predictions


Week 5 ranking: #32 (same)

The bottom of the barrel did not shift after Week 5, and the bye week rested Miami Dolphins and their questionable starting quarterback Josh Rosen remains at the thirty-second spot of the power rankings list.

The funny part is that the winless Dolphins play the winless Redskins in Week 6, so it will be fun to watch which team reluctantly takes the win and slips one spot further away from the first overall draft pick next season.

For more on the Dolphins, check out this article: Miami Dolphins Biggest Offseason Moves

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How to Best Use the NFL Power Rankings

Whether you are new to the game of professional football or have followed the NFL for years, it is a lot of fun to place wagers on the outcomes of certain games, especially if it is your favorite team playing, and especially now that it is becoming increasingly legal in the United States.

To win money betting on football, it helps to understand how each of the thirty-two teams stacks up against the others, and that is exactly what the NFL Power Rankings are used for.

Before you make your bets – even the ones based on the deepest of hunches or the best of insider tips – a quick look at our NFL Power Rankings will certainly up your chances to win.

Our NFL Power Rankings Are Updated Weekly

Because we update these NFL Power Rankings each week on Thursday during the NFL regular season, they are the perfect place to see where the teams that you might be betting ON rank compared to the teams you are thinking about betting AGAINST, which will increase the odds that every wager you place is a good one.

Numbers don’t lie, and NFL stats tell the true story of which teams are worth putting a few dollars on and which teams are worth betting against.

Be sure to mark this page down as a favorite and keep checking back weekly to see how your preferred teams have moved up or down in the NFL Power rankings and use what you learn to place better wagers that are more likely to pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the NFL Power Rankings Calculated?

There are many factors that are closely considered when the experts power rank all thirty-two of the NFL franchises each week.

Some of the factors that are considered are the updated point spreads, the strength of schedule for each team in that particular week, recent trades and pickups that happened and the history of outcomes each team has earned against their opponent in all the games they have met in the past.

Experts throw all of these factors into the mix and rank the teams accordingly, adjusting them each week when the inevitable changes take place.

Do Injuries Play a Part in Each Team’s Rankings?

Absolutely, injuries play a key role in power rankings, more or less so depending on the value of the player.

If a football franchise’s biggest star goes down, it not only changes their ability to win the game, it changes the perception the football world has of them, which can shift the odds of the matchup one way or the other.

Some players are listed as questionable, others are listed as doubtful or out, and whichever team can put a healthier bunch on the field (and have backups for them when they inevitably go down) has the better chance of winning the game.

How do Trades and Free Agency Play Into a Team’s Power Ranking?

Whenever an NFL team acquires new talent on their roster, it can affect their power ranking.

The more important the position (quarterback, running back, wide receiver, defensive end, cornerback) the more effect he can have.

During the season, there is not as much roster movement as there is over the offseason, but when there is, the experts take that into consideration when making their next power rankings.

Does a Team’s Schedule Have Anything to do With Their Power Ranking?

Sure it does, since the more difficult an opponent a team faces the less likely it is that they will win the football game.

Some NFL teams seem to have it way easier than others, and all of that depends on how they played during the previous season and how that stacked up against other teams in the league.

It’s frustrating when a good team has an easy schedule (or when a bad team seems to face all the aces), and all that is definitely taken into consideration by the expert who create the NFL Power Rankings.

How Does a Team’s Ability to Score Points Affect Their Power Ranking?

The experts have access to all of the statistics that the NFL releases, and scoring tendencies are among those.

A team’s ability to score a certain average on a weekly basis says a lot about how they might do against an opponent.

Equally, analyzing a team’s past opponents’ ability to score against them tells you a lot about their defense, all factors in compiling an NFL Power Rankings list.

Can Anyone Create Their Own NFL Power Rankings?

Of course they can, though every list varies in its helpfulness depending on what factors are taken into consideration.

One person’s power rankings might favor the better passing teams, whereas another person’s power rankings might reward good defense or the best rushing attacks, but they all have value since they help the fan or gambler see various factors that can affect the outcome of each game.

Professional power rankings tend to consider the most overall factors, but personal power rankings can be specifically created to consider a person’s football specific gambling preferences in order to enhance their overall experience.

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