MLB Win Totals 2020 - Top 5 Teams With Most Wins Predictions

MLB Win Totals Predictions

Top 5 Values for 2020 MLB Win Totals

  1. Houston Astros – Under 94 Wins
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks – Over 84 Wins
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers – Over 101.5 Wins
  4. Oakland Athletics – Over 90 Wins
  5. Cleveland Indians – Over 86.5 Wins

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1. Houston Astros Under 94 Wins

Even though the Astros have been to two World Series in the last three years, an off-season cheating scandal rocked the franchise, as manager A.J. Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow were both fired and players such as All-Stars Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa were shown to heavily lean on the stolen material during games.

The cheating scandal was compounded by the loss of ace Gerrit Cole, who saved the Astros postseason on several occasions last year, to the Yankees.

The mental and emotional toll of continually having to deal with the scandal will wear the Astros thin by the summer and leave them looking upward as the Oakland Athletics claim the American League West title and a few games short of the 94 win total that Vegas is giving them.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks Over 84 Wins

Arizona put together another stellar season with the additions of starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner and outfielders Starling Marte and Kole Calhoun to an already stellar lineup.

Vegas has slated the Diamondbacks for 84 wins but with a depressed NL West schedule and a very strong rotation, Arizona should eclipse their expected win total as they grab one of the two wild cards in the league.

Buyer beware however as Baseball Prospectus believes that the Diamondbacks are a big underdog for that bet, picking the team for 79 wins through their PECOTA standings projections.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers Over 101.5 Wins

This one is going to be close, but the Dodgers should easily run the table in the search of their 8th straight NL West title. With rebuilding teams like the Rockies, Padres, and Giants in their division, the Dodgers will play 57 games against teams that could win less than 70 games.

Winning 102 games or more isn’t easy for the best teams in baseball but Los Angeles has done it twice in the last three years and have added the best right fielder in baseball in Mookie Betts, a stellar rotation arm in David Price and firmed up a bullpen that was leaky last year in a 106-win 2019 season.

4. Oakland Athletics Win Over 90 Games

This pick may have more do with the expected fall of the Houston Astros in light of their cheating scandal, but that shouldn’t discount the Oakland A’s as they are one talented ballclub and should win over 90 games for the third straight year.

In the last two years, Oakland has won 97 games in back to back seasons, only to lose in both wild card games. The team should get back a healthy slugging Khris Davis for the lineup and add a few very talented young arms to fill out their rotation.

5. Cleveland Indians Win Over 86.5 Games

Even after the trade of two-time AL Cy Young winner Corey Kluber to Texas, the Indians are a team poised to make a run at the American League Central title against Minnesota. With a lineup that should be around league average and an outstanding pitching staff that was 4th in baseball with a team ERA of 3.76, Cleveland should compete in a terrible division.

There is a caveat with the Indians and it involves their premier shortstop Francisco Lindor. The 26-year old has refused to sign a long term deal and the Indians spent most of the offseason taking offers on the young ballplayer. If Cleveland keeps Lindor this season, which is very likely, they should get above 86.5 wins on the year.

How Do I Find MLB Win Totals Bets Online?

For most online sportsbooks, bettors interested in finding the futures bets for the World Series, American League or National League, head to either DraftKings Sportsbook, bet365 NJ, or William Hill NJ and first find the MLB tab.

If you are struggling to find MLB, then go to the All Sports section first, and open the drop-down box to see MLB or Baseball.

After you are in the MLB section, look for the Team Futures or Schedule tab and click it for access to the win totals bets for all 30 teams in baseball.

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How Do I Bet on MLB Win Totals?

If you are unsure how to bet the win totals bet, then here’s a quick guide.

After clicking on the Team Futures tab, then click on the Regular Season Wins tab. Locate the team you want to place the bet upon and click either the over or under the tab for the virtual betting slip.

For example, if you believe the Los Angeles Dodgers will win over 101.5 games, then you will click the over 101.5 tab with the odds of -110. The -110 odds means you will have to bet $110 dollars to win $100 on the win totals bet.

Once you fill out the betting slip and enter the bet, you’ll be cheering for Los Angeles to win over their expected total to cash in the wager.

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